Kiva chocolates are the candy of choice for the discerning stoner…when you want to get high but still have a pretty damn tasty piece of chocolate.

As mentioned in a previous post, Kiva makes vegan products – so there’s not reason not to indulge. They don’t promise to be gluten-free but most of the bars don’t list wheat-based ingredients so it you’re don’t have Celiac’s Disease, you’re probably fine as far as allergens go.

Kiva bars contain a 50/50 blend of THC and CBD 100mg of each per bar. The serving size is one square which means you need to have the self control to break the bar into 20 pieces for a 5mg dose. They don’t specify which strains of cannabis are used – but most edibles don’t – so it’s most likely some kind of hybrid. I usually look for a more chill high so the combination of CBD and THC makes these bars ideal.

They do note that the cannabis was grown in Mendocino County, in an area nicknamed the Emerald Triangle which has been cultivating cannabis since the 1970s. The CBD in Kiva products is derived from cannabis, not hemp, which suggests it’s OG higher quality. A slick .pdf on their website gives a deeper dive into their CBD and cannabis cultivation practices. For example, their plants are grown among white sage, sunflowers, and dill making the ideal cultivation environment, according to their website.

As for the chocolate itself, Kiva doesn’t disappoint. This isn’t your standard Hershey’s bar. Their dark chocolate is a base for fun toppings like crystalized ginger, blackberry, espresso and tangerine. Their milk chocolate offerings include Irish mint cream and vanilla chai but it’s hard to go wrong with their original dark chocolate.

Personally, I’m a fan of their Terra Bites, round chocolate THC balls that come in dark chocolate espresso or milk chocolate blueberry. Each bite has 5mg of THC and 20 come per tin. The blueberry bites have real blueberries in them and the espresso version has Tanzanian coffee beans. Unlike their bars, the Terra Bites don’t contain CBD. If you’re really into micro-dosing, it’s worth checking out their collection of single-serving packets which contain just 10mg of THC per packet (two bites or 4 mints).

The latest addition to their collection are the Petra Mints which look deceptively like breath mints and come in either eucalyptus or Moroccan mint. Each mint has just 2.5mg of THC and is sweetened with xylitol. They’re exclusive to California just like the singles. Although, I’ve yet to try these I’d give them a high recommendation based on the other Kiva products I’ve tried.

Overall, the presentation is classy and the taste is surprisingly good. I’ve yet to find an edible that completely masks the taste of marijuana but with Kiva, the aftertaste is so subtle, it doesn’t detract from the chocolate-eating experience. Kiva ranks highly on my list of favorite THC products for their consistency, vegan selection and, of course, their stylish packaging. If Whole Foods sold edibles, they would definitely stock Kiva.

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