The holiday season is nearly upon us, and if you’re like any other average American, you’ll be expected to spend lots of time with your family, and while we never hope that it will be, this season usually ends up feeling quite stressful. On top of shopping and inclement weather, you’re expected to spend quality time with your family. Regardless of how much you’re looking forward to seeing them, you know each visit has the potential to become lousy pretty quick. Whether you have an uncle on a political soapbox, or a mother who is insisting you run to the store for a little more plating parsley, getting the relatives together for what should be by all accounts, a lovely time, can be hard on anyone. For cannabis users, it’s just another reason to make sure you don’t head off to grandma’s house unprepared.

First, it’s important to find the right method to medicating your family-induced stress, and others beyond smoking should be considered if the relatives you’re visiting are anti-marijuana. Good alternatives for stoners who can’t afford to leave a trace are edibles and vapor pens. However, for the smoker who wants to… well, actually smoke, my favorite flower to recommend for most family functions is Blackberry Trainwreck. This is the perfect strain for “taking that pre-dinner walk” with your cousin and coming back to the table ready to eat and willing to ignore most off-color faux pas.

Blackberry Trainwreck an indica dominant hybrid strain. Its flower is characterized by dense, sticky buds, and the ever-present berry aftertaste. The high is commonly described as non-drowsy, elated, relaxing, and mood enhancing. I like this strain for spending time with my family, because it gives me immediate relief if I feel an unproductive temper brewing in my chest, yet leaves me with far more focus than some sleepier Blackberry hybrids. This is key for putting on a good, not-stoned face in front of relatives, where I’m happy, but not zoning out at when everyone talks about what they’ve been up to this past year. It’s also my favorite family function strain for increasing my appetite and enjoying my meal optimally! The smoker should (as always) exercise caution when smoking a strain new to them to suss out its effects. Being a hybrid, smokers have described experiencing sativa-like paranoia, which can actually add to your unpleasant vibes, especially if your family is not 420 friendly and unaware of your habits. For that, I would suggest that those who prefer indica should probably only take a light hit of a Blackberry Trainwreck joint or bowl. That said, I feel like this strain is unobtrusive enough to make a good gift for the cannabis smoker in your life, and a great first choice for all of your relative get-togethers.

As long as you’re not involving yourself in family feuds and enjoy that home cooking, the smoker should be left feeling hungry, in a better mood, and attentive, even if it’s been a long day of helping your mom stir gravy.

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