RoveSetThe first time I was told you could get a cannabis oil vape pen, I was SO excited! The convenience of a strong hit of vapor that I can take with me pretty much anywhere within reason was absolutely too appealing to me. When I went to my local dispensary inquiring about them, a friendly budtender suggested I try the Rove pen and cartridge, and I definitely left the store happy with my purchase.

For a few days, I was pretty sure I would be a longtime Rove customer; the price seemed right, the oil was effective… I did not assume I would quickly become annoyed and regretful that I didn’t purchase direct from Rove so I couldn’t return anything. It should be made clear that I am a high volume, high tolerance smoker, and I unsurprisingly got down to the last quarter portion or so of the cartridge within less than a week. However, I found that once I had smoked the majority of the oil, the remainder became gummy and stuck to one side of the vape, and refused to heat up with the battery alone. It was extremely difficult to hit, and when I managed to get one from overheating the battery too long, it tasted burnt and fairly nasty. I managed to “remelt” some of the bottom oil with a lighter heating up the cartridge itself. How dumb did I feel trying to eliminate extra pieces from smoking, running a lighter flame over my cartridge!

I recall switching cartridges with my roommate’s to see if it would work on the Rove, and disappointedly did not. I absolutely killed the battery trying to get this to work before I realized Rove isn’t compatible with many other cartridge brands. I want a battery that doesn’t monopolize my choice of brand in oil. The alternative cartridges available on the website were also decently more expensive, which I also didn’t love. When the Rove does work with other cartridges I tried, the connection would be tenuous and require some adjusting, which is annoying to have to fiddle with a pen every time I want a hit.

My undoubted, personal opinion is that Rove is an extremely common and overrated cannabis vape pen. Perhaps my experience was one unlucky product, but it was enough of a hassle that I will not be recommending Rove to my fellow cannabis-using friends, or you, dear reader.


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