The trouble with edibles is you never know exactly what it is that’s going to happen to you once you eat it! Even with super clear labeling and correct portions, sometimes you can get fully knocked off your ass. What I like about Derby Bakery’s Trifecta Toffee Cookie is even if you accidentally bite off a little more than you can chew, it’s still gonna be a pretty smooth ride. Full disclaimer, I have been able to extensively test these products because my sister is an owner of Derby Bakery. That said, I still would fully endorse their products no matter what. This is a damn good cookie.

Now, the user should be warned that this product is actually quite delicious. It is fairly easy to take too much of a dose just because the chewy toffee does an excellent job masking the cannabis flavor which can be pretty unpleasant to a lot of edible users. I personally love a crunchy texture in my sweets, and the nuts make this an almost too tasty treat. A small piece of the cookie would be a good starter for users new to edibles.

Being a sativa dominant hybrid, you get the nice smooth sensation of a clear headed high that won’t drag you down. In my experience, the time release of feeling the effects was about an hour after eating an eighth sized piece of the cookie. I like that it comes in a resealable bag so it’s easy to up your dosage a little later if you want to feel that good energetic, but gradual high this cookie gives you. A product that comes in its own bag instead of a loose wrap makes it the most convenient. The toffee cookie is good to share with friends, or just save for yourself for good day. I’ve had a great experience with derby sativa dominant cookies for music festivals, hikes, exercise classes, or even cleaning the house. For me, this is the edible for being active!

Derby’s products are made strong to give you what I feel is the best bang for your buck. Online, you can only get them by the case, so you can always call your local dispensary to see if Derby is available there. I have had a few overwhelming experiences with these edibles, but mostly because I find them extremely delicious, so maybe have a snack before indulging in these. It is possible to bite off a little too much. Even though the high is usually smooth, a bigger bite of this cookie can still put you far in your head and get you seeing a few stars. That said, I still love the Trifecta Toffee cookie for those moments I want an effective high from a yummy edible.

Unfortunately, nutritional information is not readily available on the site, but they are quick to reply to questions or comments, and have social media presences.

Derby products available by the case here!

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