I’ve been on a little bit of a heavy Indica kick these last few weeks due to no work and other circumstances. Since I’ve been needing the heavy stone that Indica’s provide, they’ve been my go-to for use recently. On my recent trip to my favorite shop in Portland, Oregon, Americanna RX I came across a new Indica I had never seen in the Apricot Helix Live Resin from Buddies Brand, based out of the Rose City for just $18 USD a gram so I was beyond jazzed. To give you a little strain lineage background, the Apricot Helix is a Three-Way Indica-Dominant Hybrid that crosses 707 Headband X SFV OG X God Bud to create a strain that is said to be Cannabis Cup level material, so I was more than ready to give her a try.


I decided to go with my Toro Glass Bubbler for this session and upon opening the jar, I could smell mellow hints of fruit and pine with a honey finish. Now in terms of consistency, the Apricot Helix Live Resin was a virtual sauce that made it very easy to work with. I grabbed myself a good-sized dab and once it hit the quartz banger I was able to taste more of her fruity notes that truly tasted like apricots. Upon exhale, I could also taste more of her diesel notes but they were very mellow, to say the least. As for the stone, the Apricot Helix had legs as I was stoned for close to three hours after two dabs which is more than I was expecting. Now, the high wasn’t devastating but I was fully ripped and felt amazing in regards to my stress and pain relief. I also need to warn you that the Apricot Helix will give you some serious munchies so make sure to have lots of snacks around.


At the end of the day, the Apricot Helix Live Resin was a tasty treat but I wouldn’t exactly call it a Cannabis Cup Winner. When it came to her strength and potency, I found the Apricot Helix to be a long-lasting stone but it took me two dabs to get there so for that reason, I gave her a score of 8.8/10 which was much lower than I was expecting. In regards to her taste and pungency, I absolutely enjoyed the bouquet the Apricot Helix provided that had mellow notes of what tasted like apricots dipped in gas but nothing to write home about. The flavor profile was there but note very strong so I gave the Apricot Helix a score of 8.7/10. Overall, I enjoyed the Apricot Helix Live Resin but thought it could have been better in terms of taste and stone so I probably would not try this sample again. In closing, I have to think there are better options on the shelf, especially for Live Resin so steer clear if you see this at a dispensary near you.

Apricot Live Resin

Apricot Live Resin

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