When it comes to extracts, your starting trim is what it’s all about when it comes to flavor and potency. If you use weak shake you’ll get a subpar final product. I bring this up because recently, I was able to find an interesting new sugar wax that was done using an all Nug Run so this starting product should produce a much better final extract. The extract I came across at my local shop was the Arctic Lemon Nug Run Wax from Regulator Extracts aka Smokey Point Productions out of Washington State for $18 USD a gram. Now, I’d love to give you some strain background on this girl but it appears this is a new strain from the Pacific Northwest as I was unable to find out anything on her and the budtenders had no idea as well other than the package said it was a hybrid. That made this the premiere of Arctic Lemon so let’s just say I was more than excited.


I decided to go with my Toro Glass bubbler for this session and as soon as I opened the jar to the Arctic Lemon, I was able to smell light hints of sweet citrus and diesel which made for a nice mellow bouquet. The wax itself was a gorgeous light orange that looked like tiny diamonds in the light. As for the consistency of the Arctic Lemon wax, it was a little on the drier side and was a bit tough to work with which was disappointing. After working to grab a nice sized dab, I placed her into the quartz banger and I’ll be honest, the flavor was pretty weak and I had to really search my palate for her notes. When it came to her stone, the Arctic Lemon felt more like an Indica as it had me pretty zonked out for two hours after two decent dabs. The Arctic Lemon also was great for my chronic neck and back pain and had me nice and mellow for the night so I did enjoy the high.


At the end of the day, the Arctic Lemon was a decent wax but I have had much better for the same price. When it came to her taste and pungency, the Arctic Lemon was light at best and didn’t leave much on the palate after exhale so I gave her a score of just 7.9/10 which is one of the lowest scores I’ve given in some time. In regards to her strength and potency, this is where the Arctic Lemon made me a tiny bit of a fan as she had a solid stone that I could feel throughout my head and body. I wouldn’t call this a one-hitter quitter as it took two dabs to get me ripped so for that reasonĀ  alone I gave the Arctic Lemon a score of just 8.4/10. Overall, I really wasn’t that impressed with the Arctic Lemon and I think you can do much better with your hard-earned money so I would look elsewhere if I were you.

Arctic Lemon Nug Run Wax

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