Recently, I’ve been finding amazing deals on high-quality extracts in my local area. On my recent trip over the Columbia River into Portland, Oregon I came across a brand new strain in the Crater Lake Kash Shatter from Emerald Extracts out of the Rose City for the unreal price of just $12 USD a gram. To give you a little strain lineage background, the Crater Lake Kash is a virtually unknown flavor but is said to be a hybrid of our locally bred Crater Lake Kush crossed with an unknown strain. I had never heard of the Crater Lake Kash or the Kush for that matter so I was beyond jazzed to give this girl a try.


I decided to use my Mobius Glass Bubbler for this session and upon opening the package I could smell mild notes of skunk and candy but they were very mellow. This extract was a beautiful light gold and truly couldn’t have been any prettier. When it came to her consistency, the Crater Lake Kash was on the sticky side which was a bit of a disappointment, seeing as how I was expecting shatter. After a little work, I was able to grab a nice sized dab and once it made contact with the quartz banger I was able to taste a mellow mix of citrus along with a hint of earthiness. The profile wasn’t as strong as I was hoping for but it left a nice taste on my palate so far from disappointing. As for the stone, this gear was quite mild and took me two solid dabs to feel a decent body buzz that still left much to be desired. I did notice a little relief of my stress and anxiety but this strain just didn’t have the stoniness I require with my disgusting tolerance.


At the end of the day, the Crater Lake Kash was what I expected at the low price point of $12 a gram. Extremely mellow and mild, the Crater Lake Kash didn’t do the trick for me so when it came to her strength and potency I gave it a score of 6.9/10 as this sample had trouble getting me high and even more trouble keeping me there. When it came to her flavor and pungency, the Crater Lake Kash had a mild bouquet of citrus and fuel that wasn’t strong at all but definitely noticeable. On exhale, I could taste more of her diesel finish so for that reason I gave her a score of 7.5/10 which really isn’t that bad for a $12 extract. Overall, I probably wouldn’t recommend this shatter as the Crater Lake Kash is decent at the low price point but just didn’t give me the relief I desire.

crater lake kash shatter

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