Godfather OG, affectionately known as “The Don of all OGs”, has been living up to its name since The Godfather OG strain is a heavily revered indica dominant hybrid strain that promises to make consumers ultra-relaxed and promote an amazing nights’ sleep. This isn’t my first time trying Godfather OG but it is my first time trying any of High Garden’s products.


The batch of Godfather OG that I got is from High Garden. High Garden is an all natural, craft cannabis brand with a small selection of top notch strains and minimalistic, yet eye catching packaging design. Some other strains by High Garden are Face Off, Key Lime, and Candyland, to name a few. High Garden is an Oklahoma based nursery, growing cannabis in clean, environmentally controlled environments to ensure the highest quality product reaches the consumers even here in California.


The High Garden Godfather OG comes packaged in a double enforced style package: a resealable zip top bag inside of a box. The box comes labeled with all the information you care about when consuming cannabis products like THC and CBD level, among other important information. The packaging is very stylish and sleek, which is cool considering you’re paying for the box as well as its contents. The Godfather OG strain has nugs that range in size from small to medium. The nugs are dense and sticky, but not incredibly hard to break up. The Godfather OG strain has a tendency to stick to your hands after touching it, leaving a bit of residue on the fingertips from the trichomes covering the outside. It’s not a strain that wants to clump together even after breaking it up like other really sticky strains I’ve experienced. The smell and flavor of this strain are typical and characteristic of indica strains. It is very earthy and herbal with a slightly sweet taste. The bud itself is a deep, vibrant green reminiscent of Oklahoma forests.


Godfather OG is often recommended for insomnia and pain due to its heavy sedative qualities. The effects of The Godfather OG strain leave consumers feeling relaxed, calm, euphoric, productive, forgetful, and hungry. Used in large quantities this strain tends to make consumers very sleepy as well. I tried this strain both day and night but find it more effective and useful as a nighttime strain. The batch that I got tested at 22.52% THC and 0% CBD.


Overall, the High Garden Godfather OG is much better quality than the others that I have tried in the past. The high THC level makes it useful for a lot of medical concerns and mood disorders. I really enjoy coming across strains like the High Garden Godfather OG. It’s great to know that there is a medical grade holistic approach to pain and discomfort that is super affordable and all natural. If you haven’t tried it already, you need to experience for yourself the magic of Godfather OG!

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