Lately, I’ve been on a mission to try as many of the Stiiizy cartridges as I can so I can tell you guys whether it’s worth the hype or totally bogus. This time around I got the OG Kush Rainbow strain. I purchased a full gram pod just like last time to keep the variables as close as possible. Here’s what I found.


STIIIZY is revolutionizing the cannabis industry by creating a product that offers a discreet experience built for portability and convenience. Stiiizy pods are notoriously easy to find. A majority of dispensaries and delivery services carry their products and there’s even a brick and mortar Stiiizy store in downtown LA. The pods are quite often expensive, ranging anywhere from $35 for a half gram to even sometimes $70-$80 for a full gram. I got the full gram cartridge from Kushagram delivery service for $60 and have been using it with my BIIIG Stiiizy advanced battery kit.



The OG Kush Rainbow flavor Stiiizy pod comes packaged in a child proof, recyclable cardboard box like all the other pod options. It’s super easy to open if you follow the instructions on the box. The box is labeled with all pertinent info like harvest date, package date, and THC & CBD content levels. The initial taste is fairly sweet and pleasant. The aftertaste leaves a slight prickly feeling on the roof of your mouth, similar to hot sauce. It doesn’t taste spicy but it feels spicy. The overall taste is sweet, fruity, and a bit herbal. This one was slightly less harsh than the San Fernando Valley pod, but I still coughed quite a bit if I inhaled too hard with the OG Kush Rainbow.


OG Kush Rainbow is an Indica-dominant strain that will leave you in a deep, stony trance. The Rainbow flavor is not as in your face as the San Fernando Vallery cartridge. The Stiiizy pod lasted over a week and provided an almost instant sense of relief and calm. I would hit this throughout the workday one to three times and it provides a quick and effective high without smell or red eyes being an issue. If you hit it too hard, the Rainbow strain can be a bit harsh and leave you a bit more stoned that anticipated. Consumers can use the OG Kush Rainbow strain to help with a wide variety of concerns such as stress, anxiety, frustration or mood issues like depression, ADHD, and slight pain. The pod that I got tested at 843.68mg THC and 2.54mg CBD.



The OG Kush Rainbow Stiiizy pod is an effective way to get a decent buzz and sense of relief while being incredibly portable and discreet. I like the Rainbow flavor better than the SFV one, however, I didn’t get the chance to have some friends try it to get their opinion on it as well. I think this is also the reason my pod lasted much longer than a week this time. I was able to use it every day without feeling like I needed a larger dose each time to get the same effect. The effects were always consistent and never overwhelming. Real Functional approves!

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