This is my second time coming upon the Pacific Stone brand and I’m happy to say it was a great buy! The PR OG Indica strain by Pacific Stone is an indica strain characterized by its tiny nugs and unapologetically loud scent. This strain packs a lot of power into convenient, portable nugs that make rolling or packing a bowl super easy and fast.


The PR OG strain is an indica strain by Pacific Stone. I’ve tried other Pacific Stone strains like Fruit but PR OG is my favorite. Pacific Stone was started in Southern California. All of their products are home grown and nothing is outsourced. Pacific Stone cultivates, cures, and packages all their cannabis products so that it goes straight from the source, to you. Located in Santa Barbara on the Pacific Coast, Pacific Stone is dedicated to bringing premium quality cannabis to people at a low, affordable price. They sell pouches of flower as well as prerolls. OG Indica is a California classic. Pacific Stone asserts that their private reserve OG Indica provides consumers a mellow, long-lasting “head” high. Among Pacific Stone’s indica collection is Wedding Cake, which is a tried and true staple in many California dispensaries. I wanted to go for something more unique and also try something I haven’t before so I went with the PR OG Indica.


The nugs of the PR OG strain are fairly small. They are dense but easy to break up with the hands. The size of the nugs are perfect for a quick bowl and make rolling super easy. Sometimes certain strains can easily be spotted as trash due to this small nug characteristic. Knowing that it’s coming from Pacific Stone, I already knew this wasn’t some random “baby planets” mixture and was going to be a top quality, consistent smoke. Pacific Stone’s PR OG strain makes up for what it lacks in size in color, aroma, and flavor. The smell is super pleasant and not too loud, making it good for consumers who are sensitive to smell or care a lot about discretion.


The batch that I got tested at 15.57% THC. This makes it a medium strength aid for a variety of concerns like anxiety, insomnia, depression, lack of appetite, and more. I mainly used this strain at night, after work. I found that using it during the day in my normal dosage was not great for productivity. At night, PR OG is an amazing relaxation aid that helps the stress of the day just melt away! My resources show that the private reserve flower pack of OG Indica from Pacific Stone promotes a mellow, long-lasting high that is mainly cerebral.


PR OG by Pacific Stone is without a doubt a must-try. If you like fragrant buds and prefer an indica strain, I’d recommend trying out the private reserve OG Indica from Pacific Stone. If you do end up trying it, let us know how you like it, or what you don’t like about it, in the comments below! For more rare and exotic strain reviews, check out!

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