Lowell Smokes is a popular cannabis company in California with a variety of products from flower to prerolls and they recently opened a cafe in West Hollywood where the consumption of cannabis alongside food is legal. I’m a fan of the Lowell prerolls due to their high quality and wanted to give this one a try in between Stiiizy cartridges.


The creators of the GG8 preroll are known as Lowell Farms. They’re sold pretty much anywhere cannabis and cannabis accessories are sold. I got mine in DTLA from Buddha Co dispensary. Lowell Smokes are named after founder William “Bull” Lowell. He was dedicated to making medical marijuana accessible to all consumers and his activism led to Lowell Herb Co. naming their products after the activist and putting the likeness of a half man, half bull on their packaging. Lowell is still a fairly young company but is making strides to become a household name in the cannabis industry.


The GG8 strain comes packaged in a glass cylindrical tube that is smell proof. The glass tube comes labeled will all pertinent info people usually look for when consuming cannabis. The preroll is a full gram joint with a standard kraft tip and closed off with Lowell’s signature 4 part closure. They come packaged with a nice little pouch containing two matches and a side you can strike the matches on. Honestly, this was a bit extra but convenient if someone didn’t own a lighter. It was a bit hard to get the matches out of the tiny pouch they were packaged in and ultimately, I used a good old lighter. The joint burned evenly and didn’t taste harsh. I had no issues with canoeing or the joint being packed too tightly either. It was an all-around well constructed pre-roll that I would consider buying again.



The preroll I got tested at 20% THC, making it a wonderful option for someone who needs more assistance getting to sleep and staying asleep. Sometimes I find myself waking up at night with some difficulty going back to sleep afterwards. I often wake up early for work so GG8 is perfect for helping me get back to sleep and get as much rest in as I can before work in the morning. This would be a good option for anyone with stress, anxiety, or mood issues.


Overall, for $10 the GG8 indica preroll by Lowell Farms is a great product. The high THC percentage will be desirable for more veteran smokers without being too unapproachable for more novice or intermediate consumers. These prerolls are great for when you don’t want to deal with the hassle of rolling a blunt or joint, but still want something expertly rolled and significantly potent. The Lowell Smokes prerolls are also a great option for consumers who refrain from tobacco products such as blunt wraps. These would be a wonderful alternative for a cleaner, healthier smoke. Compared to the Languid Indica prerolls by Lowell, the GG8 tests at 2% higher THC level. If you want something a bit stronger for your money, go with GG8 and you won’t be disappointed.

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