Barcelona has sandy beaches, delicious hot and cold tapas, refreshing vermouth, fun activities, and quasi-legal cannabis clubs. These membership-only collectives are safe places for locals and tourists to “get” cannabis products and consume them in a discreet fashion. For well over a decade, Barcelona has turned into a cannabis tourist hotspot. Barcelona isn’t fully on-board with cannabis use, but it has allowed these clubs to flourish. Here’s what you need to know about visiting a cannabis club in Barcelona.

Spain’s Cannabis Laws

Currently, cannabis use, possession, and selling are illegal in Spain. Even smoking in public can land you with a hefty fine and possibly some jail time. While personal use of marijuana is decriminalized, many locals and tourists can consume cannabis from the comfort of their homes or inside cannabis clubs. Barcelona residents are allowed to cultivate up to two plants in their homes, but tourists can buy their marijuana from a club.

Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

There are hundreds of cannabis clubs in Barcelona, although, only a couple of dozen provide a full selection of products and allow tourists to visit for a reasonable membership fee. Since these clubs aren’t fully legal, they don’t share any member information with the government or police. Clubs are generally tucked away behind an unassuming facade to avoid causing a disturbance. 

If you’re interested in visiting a cannabis club in Barcelona, you must first contact the club via email, social media, or phone. Many staff members will speak English or Spanish to answer all of your questions. Cannabis clubs charge annual membership fees that range between $20 and $50. Anything lower than these prices suggest the cannabis club isn’t fully trustworthy. 

Avoid buying cannabis from street promoters since you can risk getting arrested for buying and consuming cannabis in public. Plus, these products are generally lower quality and more expensive than prices in cannabis clubs. Furthermore, cannabis clubs suggest you don’t consume your products in public.

Once you have received confirmation from the cannabis club that you can visit, head to the club’s location and show the message to the reception. They may also schedule an appointment time for you to visit. Make sure to bring your ID (state ID or passport) as confirmation that you are over 21 years old. You’ll be asked to fill out some simple questions and provide an address. The address could be the hotel, hostel, or rental location you’re staying at.

Choko Cannabis Club

On my recent trip through Europe, I got a chance to visit one of the most popular clubs in the city, Choko Cannabis Club. Choko is centrally located in Barcelona’s El Born district right by the Gothic Quarter and close to the beach. After ringing the doorbell, I was buzzed in and signed up at reception. I then proceeded inside behind the black curtains. Inside, the club was spacious and sleek. Local artists’ artwork was displayed on the exposed brick walls while upbeat music played in the background.

Choko had a center level, an upstairs lounge, and a downstairs lounge, each with extensive plush, Moroccan-style seating. You could also sit on one of the many stools and chairs to work or relax and smoke a joint and watch a movie or a soccer game on the large screen television. Historic-looking stone pillars and exposed metal ductwork gave the space a minimalistic and hip feel. If you’re feeling hungry, they also have a bar that serves up coffee, drinks, snacks, and a small selection of tapas.

Stop by during their many art expositions showcasing local and international artists. If you’re in need of some paraphernalia, Choko provides house bongs and other smoking tools. They also sell rolling papers, filters, and pre-rolls for easy consumption. In terms of product selection, they have their own genetics team that produces innovative and proprietary strains including the award-winning Choko strain as well as the Yuzu and Tao Pai Pai strain. You can also get some potent and flavorful concentrates. Find Choko at the following address:

Carrer Jonqueres 13, Barcelona, 08003

Tel +34 932-507-103

Open every day 12:00 pm – 12:00 am



Rebel Grown Distillate Oil

I was on my way to Sitges, Spain for the opening day of the Sitges Film Festival before I heading into Choko. I decided to buy the Rebel Grown 0.5g cartridge full of distillate oil and terpenes. At Choko, you have to add money onto a card and purchase your product with the card. Re-loading a card can be done at reception. I got the Rebel Grown Lemon Sugar Kush cartridge, which is a cross between Lemon Larry OG, Double OG Sour, and a Starfighter strain. The cartridge had 64.4 percent and 7.1 percent terpenes.

Rebel Grown was one of the best distillate cartridges I ever had. It was potent on the first hit. I watched “4×4” at the festival and felt relaxed and happy all the while. The prices can be expensive for products and membership, but it’s worth it to check out this burgeoning cannabis market. While it sounds dangerous to visit a club, just ensure you contact a club before visiting them and consume responsibly. Have you ever been to a cannabis club in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments below.

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