Barcelona is full of hundreds of cannabis clubs. It’s worth it to check out online resources for their website, location, hours, age limits, and annual membership fee. You won’t find any advertisements showing you the way, which is why prior research is vital.

Once you’ve found the one you’d like to go to, you can pay the annual membership fee regardless of how many days you plan to go there. Fees start at 20 euros. Every Barcelona cannabis club has its own atmosphere as well as quality and variety of cannabis products.

Weed can make Barcelona feel like a city on a different planet. Maybe it’s the weed talking. For an unforgettable time in Barcelona while stoned, check out these fun things to do.

Bunkers of Carmel

Bunkers of Carmel offers the best 360-degree view of the city. It can take a while to get there on foot, but the blisters will be worth it. When I went there, there were around 10-15 people during the day at any given time. Take a hit and take in the ocean and bustling cityscape at this abandoned anti-aircraft fortification.

Self-Guided Street Art Tour in Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter is home to the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum and also tons of street art and unique graffiti. Get lost in this historic neighborhood and stop to appreciate the colors and variety of art styles painted across the walls.

Park Güell

Outdoor lovers will appreciate the eccentricity of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi’s Park Güell. His style incorporates mosaics, sculptures, and lots of greenery. You’ll trip out at the sheer ingenuity and creativity of the expansive grounds and winding paths.

Mercado de la Boqueria

Satisfy your munchies at one of the most popular food markets in Barcelona. Mercado de la Boqueria has an extensive selection of cheeses, meats, fruit juices, and other mouthwatering food options. I got a chance to try ostrich and kangaroo meat there for the first time.

Modern Art Museums

If you love to look at pretty things, pay the European Museum of Modern Art and Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art a visit. Get lost in hyperrealistic paintings or explore modern political art while high on the latest strains Barcelona has to offer.

Barcelona Botanical Gardens

Visit the Barcelona Botanical Gardens to be enveloped by a variety of plants from around the world. The lush landscape gives way to another great view of the city. Bring a water bottle to stave off a dry mouth and fill up at their water stations.

Flax & Kale and Cafe Cometa

Food in Barcelona is top-notch. There wasn’t too much I didn’t love to eat there. My favorites have to be the meals I had at Flax & Kale and Cafe Cometa. Come when you’re peaking and you’ll be in for a treat. Flax & Kale has flexitarian meal options that will blow your mind. Cafe Cometa’s casual fare is full of flavor and affordable.

Barcelona, Spain is ripe with fun activities to do while stoned. Visit the beach for some beach volleyball and sunbathing or head to a local used book market or record store to pick up something books and vinyl. Barcelona is a city with a rich history and lively culture. You’ll find food from around the world including their signature tapas and vermouth. Barcelona is truly a stoner’s paradise.

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