Every season is hiking season, albeit, some seasons have more favorable weather than others. I’d consider myself a semi-regular hiker, but I’m definitely sticking with the easy to moderate trails over the day-long hikes.

Some of my first psychedelic experiences have been outdoors. The stillness and quiet of nature in a psychotropic state is a fun and unique experience. I continue to chase that high on most of my hiking excursions.

Hiking in the Great Outdoors

I love scenic, city, or any kind of landscape views. Some of my favorite moments in my travels have been in popular viewing destinations like Bunkers del Carmel in Barcelona, the Victory Column in Berlin, and Ekeberg Park in Oslo.

Hiking while high can offer the same majestic views of a lush or desert landscape, either has its own charm. Hiking while high is also a perfect combination to get your step count up and getting some fresh air. Being outdoors can improve your mood and give you a chance to relax and ponder life.

Tips for Hiking While High

Incorporating cannabis into my hikes has enriched the experience for me. Not only am I focused on my surroundings and being in the moment, but I’m able to relax my mind and body and feel a bit of a buzz. If you want to get high while walking your local trails, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Check the local marijuana laws to ensure you are under the legal possession limit and aren’t breaking any rules. Be discreet when handling cannabis to not attract negative attention. Finally, because cannabis is still federally illegal, it’s against the law to consume cannabis on state lands like national parks.
  • Do the research before heading out on the trail or exploring a certain area. Download maps of your trail just in case you have no wi-fi and bring the appropriate supplies needed for your specific hike.
  • Don’t overdo it when smoking or vaping in the great outdoors. Getting too baked will affect your experience by making you forget where you came from or not paying attention to your possibly dangerous surroundings.
  • Don’t leave any roaches, matches or burned cannabis material laying around. Everything you bring inside with you on the trail should be taken out. Ash and lit joints can be a hazard in excessively dry areas.
  • Avoid smoking in the presence of other hikers. Not everyone wants to smell what you’re smoking.


Despite how fun it can be to smoke or vape and appreciate nature, it doesn’t come without risks. THC-rich strains and products can be too intoxicating for some, especially for first-time users or individuals that smoked or consumed too much of an edible.

A high concentration of THC in the body can cause mental and physical impairments. When consumed responsibly, hiking while high is relatively safe. Being high can make your memory a bit hazy, so always take note of all your essentials, hiking route, time, and surroundings.

Hiking Essentials

Everyone has their favorite pieces they like to bring along their hikes. I prefer the simplicity and convenience of a vape pen, but I also enjoy smoking a joint or packed bowl en route. Generally, these are the most basic hiking essentials needed when getting high on the trail:

  • Water is essential on a cannabis-driven hike. Bring extra bottles for friends or for yourself. You never know when a strain will cause an excessively dry mouth.
  • Pre-rolled joints are a classic choice that doesn’t take up much space in your belt bag or backpack. Bring a small resealable bag to store your roach when you’re done.
  • A vape pen or portable vaporizer doesn’t require any combustion or have the smoke or odor of smoking weed.
  • Pipes and one-hitters are also lightweight options to smoke flower. Be careful when handling them over rocks because they may break if dropped.
  • A foldable silicone or lightweight bong can deliver smoke filtration, but at the price of an increased hiking load.
  • Microdoses of edibles and tinctures enable you to enjoy the hike with a subtle, but noticeable high. Apply a tincture under the tongue for increased cannabinoid absorption rates.
  • Edibles can range from gluten and sugar-free morsels to decadent treats infused with THC. If needed, bring some cannabis bars, jerky, water, chips, or other hiking snacks to keep you satiated.

Hiking while high can be a satisfying experience full of breathtaking views, vibrant plant life, and friendly hikers walking the same trail. Consuming cannabis in the great outdoors isn’t the safest thing to do, but with the appropriate precautions, hiking while high can help people appreciate nature in a new and weed-inspired light.

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