I’ve been getting more into prerolls lately because they’re super convenient when it’s the middle of the day and you don’t have the time to roll up, but still want to get that quick smoke sesh in. The Fuzzies infused prerolls are more than just a regular preroll. The flower itself is coated in extract and then rolled into joints. These are coated in wax/oil and subsequently rolled in kief. I usually take the words “for nighttime use” as a suggestion but in this case, it’s a highly sound word of caution. The Sublime mini Fuzzies are sure to knock you on your ass.


The Fuzzies prerolls that I got were from the Buddha Company. The Buddha Company is a dispensary in Downtown LA near the Fashion District. Sublime’s Fuzzies come in two different sizes – King and Mini – for different needs, and two different strains – OG Kush Indica and Super Silver Haze Sativa – for different moods. I got the mini Fuzzies which has a hybrid option called Wedding Cake. I got the Wedding Cake hybrid. Sublime has a team of Ph.D. scientists that reintroduce full-spectrum terpenes for enhanced flavor and effect. Sublime’s oils are made with no added industrial terpenes or harmful solvents for the cleanest and best-tasting experience possible.


The prerolls come packaged in a small white box. You remove the outer cardboard, then pinch and squeeze the box to separate the two sides. It’s a bit convoluted and difficult to open. The budtender spent about 3 minutes attempting to open the box so I could see what they looked like before purchasing. I later spent about 5 minutes trying to open it later on my own. The prerolls are your standard sized RAW preroll. The Fuzzies preroll get their name from the generous coating of kief the joint is rolled in after being slathered in high quality wax. They come with 3 in a pack for $25. That’s a pretty great deal considering all the products used to make this one product. The wax and kief are both super high quality. The kief does come off easily on your fingers if touched. I thought these would burn slowly because of the wax but I found they burn very quickly, especially outdoors if it’s windy.


The effects of the mini Fuzzies Wedding Cake infused prerolls leave consumers feeling tired, intensely relaxed, euphoric, hungry, happy, and sleepy. These are not the preroll to go for if you’re looking for a midday pick-me-up. These will indeed leave you a bit too slump to continue about the workday without arising suspicion. I love using these before going to bed. I feel they’re more effective and I get the most out of the Fuzzies prerolls as a nighttime snack.


Overall, I like the Fuzzies prerolls but I wish they were a bit cleaner. Sublime’s mini Fuzzies pre-rolls are made from the finest premium flower and are sprinkled with extract and rolled in oil and kief. There may not be a way to make it much cleaner than they have and at the end of the day, it’s what you’re smoking that matters the most. Sublime’s mini Fuzzies prerolls are messy, but delicious, like some of the best foods in the world. Don’t pass up the opportunity to give them a try!

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