When it comes to extracts, I’m a huge fan of the Live Resins we’re currently seeing flood the market. I find Live Resins provide me with the most flavorful hit possible for what it’s worth. Cured resins, on the other hand, seem to have a tiny bit more potency but I’m willing to sacrifice a small amount of THC for higher terpene percentages. The other day at a dispensary in Portland, Oregon, I came across a new product I’d never seen in the Zour Patch Live Sauce from Artifacts Extracts out of Eugene, Oregon. I was a bit hesitant to pull the trigger on this gear as the price was up there at $27 USD a gram, but when the Budtender opened the jar for me, I knew instantly by the breathtaking aroma of gas and fruit permeating the air, that I had to sample this deliciousness. So from what I can tell, Live Sauce is pretty much just Terp Sauce that has been produced using fresh frozen buds Vs. cured. As for the strain lineage, Zour Patch is a brand new local Oregon cut bred by Foley Farms┬áthat I was unable to find any information about so it’s a bit of a mystery. My gut says there must be sone Sour Patch Kids in there but that’s just a guess.
Now at first glance, the Zour Patch Live Sauce reminded me more of what I like to call Diamonds and Sauce Vs. straight Terp Sauce as there were tiny little diamond rocks of goodness throughout the entire extract. The sauce itself was an absolutely gorgeous, light golden syrup that almost looked fluorescent yellow in the light. This was the type of stuff you’d want to save for a rainy day or enter into a Cup. I decided to go with my Toro Glass Bubbler for this session and once I dug my nail into the sauce I was easily able to control the amount of the dab thanks to the workable yet greasy consistency of the Live Sauce. I probably grabbed a bit more than I needed and as soon as the dab made contact with the quartz banger, It was blast off mode. The Zour Patch was heavy and left me fully ripped from head to toe. This Live Sauce is absolutely not for the rookies, as It totally expanded my lungs and gave me a deep narcotic fade. By no means was the vapor harsh, but it was super thick and heavily potent. I had serious trouble opening my eyes and catching my breath for the first few minutes as the Zour Patch Sauce left me totally devastated. This was without any question a one-hitter quitter as I was beyond stoned for a solid two hours and also felt amazing when it came to my back pain as well as my stress and anxiety. The Zour Patch Sauce had a way of taking all my cares and worries and placing them off to the side for a bit which allowed to me just chill out and get some much needed mental relaxation.
The Zour Patch Live Sauce was absolutely one of my favorite samples I’ve tried in quite a while and is definitely in the running for “Extract of the Year.” When it came to her flavor and pungency, the Zour Patch offered one of the tastiest terpene profiles I’ve dabbed as of late and left thick notes of jet fuel and grapes on my tongue well after exhale so I had to give it a score of 9.6/10. When it came to the Zour Skittles strength and potency, what can I say, this was some Cup level gear which left me with a deep narcotic stone that is definitely not for the lightweights. This is the type of stuff you don’t want to partake in if you have important things to get done as it will leave you stuck and lacking any motivation, which is many times, the exact type of medicine I require, so I gave the Zour Patch Live Sauce an impressive score of 9.7/10, making it one of the highest total scores I’ve handed out this year. Definitely be on the lookout for the Zour Patch Live Sauce in your neck of the woods along with anything from Artifacts Extracts as everything I’ve had the pleasure of sampling from them has been more than impressive.

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