The Lowell Smokes languid indica prerolls are something I’ve been curious about since last year. The company itself is two and a half years old and is currently the best-selling preroll in California. It doesn’t stop there. Lowell is opening a restaurant next month in West Hollywood that will be the first in America to allow the consumption of cannabis alongside food, although the food itself won’t be infused.



Lowell Farms, also known as Lowell Herb Co., is a relatively new company. Lowell Smokes are named after founder William “Bull” Lowell. In 1909, he started growing what was called Indian Hemp at the time off the central coast of California. He was dedicated to making medical marijuana accessible to all consumers and his activism led to Lowell Herb Co. naming their products after the activist who was thrown in jail for advocating for peoples’ rights to smoke the dried plant. The company ended up putting the likeness of a half man, half bull on their packaging to honor Bull Lowell. The Languid Indica blend of the Lowell Smokes prerolls is a mixture of 50% Kaotic OG and 50% San Fernando Vallery or SFV. The batch that I got tested at 18% THC.


The prerolls come packaged in a slim brown box that fits seven of the joints. The story of the brand is on the inside flap of the box, which is a nice touch that makes it feel a bit more personal. It also comes with matches that can be struck on top of the box. The joints are tightly packed and expertly rolled, ensuring an even, smooth smoke. I’ve never had an issue with the joint “canoeing” or side-burning. It’s always been even regardless of if I lit it with a match or a standard lighter. The prerolls amount to 3.5 grams of bud, so it comes to about half a gram per preroll.


The effects of the Lowell Farms prerolls leave consumers feeling deeply relaxed, calm, euphoric, tired, and hungry. These prerolls are great for when you don’t want to deal with the hassle of rolling a blunt or joint, but still want something expertly rolled and significantly potent. The Lowell Smokes prerolls are also a great option for consumers who refrain from tobacco products such as blunt wraps. These would be a wonderful alternative for a cleaner, healthier smoke. The Lowell prerolls are very effective and always had me wonderfully relaxed, without needing more than one. One preroll feels equivalent to a blunt, which is uncommon for prerolls. On the package, it describes the Languid Indica as, “a tasty and powerful indica blend that provides a deep body-high and creative stimulation.”



Overall, the Lowell Farms Languid Indica prerolls are a solid preroll. I don’t really have any negatives except maybe the pricing being a bit high. $40 for an eighth is East Coast pricing. The quality and packaging, as well as the blend of weed used,  makes this purchase worth it. Lowell Farms is a group of new kids on the block making a huge name for themselves in the cannabis industry. I’m excited to see the new and refreshing image they will continue to bring to the marijuana industry. They should be on your watch list and without a doubt in your smoke rotation. Pick up a pack of these today and let us know how you like them in the comments below!

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