Chocolate Thai has achieved legendary status as a pure Sativa landrace strain with a moderate THC concentration. With roots stretching back as far as the 1960s, Chocolate Thai has undergone drastic genetic manipulation to stabilize its characteristics. Today’s Chocolate Thai strains aren’t like its early iterations, but still deliver a light THC dose and a subtle chocolate and coffee aroma. Grab a few grams of this iconic strain and let its relaxing effects envelop you.

Pure Sativa

Chocolate Thai was beloved in the 1960s, but fervor for this pure landrace strain settled down in the 1980s. This strain became popular in “Thai stick” form, which was Chocolate Thai flowers wrapped into a small bamboo stick. Unlike hybrid strains, landrace strains are rare strains that grow naturally in the wild and haven’t been crossbred with other strains. While Chocolate Thai strains of today may not be the same, they are energizing Sativas that anyone can enjoy.

Stimulating and Mood-Boosting

Chocolate Thai has about 15 percent THC, a relatively lower THC level than some cannabis strains that can reach up to 30 percent THC. Despite its limited THC content, Chocolate Thai provides users with an invigorating high during any time of the day. Some users prefer to start off their day with some Chocolate Thai, while others may use it to fuel their creative endeavors. Chocolate Thai induces euphoria that can liven up any activity.

Chocolate and Coffee

Chocolate Thai remains a deep cut among cannabis consumers for its low THC content and rarity. Its aromatic profile isn’t very strong, either. Chocolate Thai has a faint aroma of chocolate and coffee that goes well with your favorite coffee roast. This landrace Sativa strain features subtle earthy and spicy aromas with a hint of sweetness. While Chocolate Thai may not be the most pungent strain, it can be ideal for those looking for nuanced aromas.

Chocolate Morsels

Chocolate Thai bud leaves feature a deep forest green hue and bright orange pistil hairs growing between the leaves. Chocolate Thai’s flower buds are often long, fluffy, and dense. Despite a low THC content, these fox-tailed buds have a lot of trichomes on its bud leaves, which gives them a furry appearance. Chocolate Thai’s vibrant colors and crystal-clear trichomes make the buds resemble sugar-frosted chocolate treats.

New growers and breeders continue to provide cannabis consumers with the legacy Chocolate Thai strain. They’ve also developed new strains from it including Chocolope, Chem Thai, and Purple Thai. The original Chocolate Thai strain is perfect for novice users who don’t want to feel overwhelmed with psychotropic effects or experienced users who want an energizing, but not mind-fogging high.

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