I recently picked up a few grams of LA Zoo, a dense and bright green strain, from my local delivery service. I was really excited to try this pungent strain, but could find no information online about it. LA Zoo ended up being a powerhouse strain that delivered a strong body and mind high. Despite its obscurity, LA Zoo had everything I look for in my cannabis buds.

LA Zoo Genetics

LA Zoo’s genetics are unknown, but if I were to take an educated guess about its lineage, I’d say LA Zoo was an LA Confidential or LA OG and Zookies cross. LA Confidential has a strong musky and spicy aroma, while LA OG has a similar musky and floral scent. Zookies has a more tropical and sweet aroma. LA Zoo might be an indica-dominant strain, but its effects were far from sedative. 

Earthy, Skunky, and Sweet

My LA Zoo buds had a complex array of smells ranging from earthy to skunky to sweet. After opening the nug jar, I noticed a slightly sweet smell reminiscent of berries, fruit, along with some floral notes. I also noticed a slight citrus aroma of lime or grapefruit. Finally, LA Zoo had a skunky and diesel-smelling kick. It’s competing aromas were pleasant and intriguing. Although LA Zoo was full of aroma, each was balanced and strong.

LA Zoo Buds

LA Zoo’s buds were very fluffy and dense. Bright green leaves covered in resinous trichomes shot up from its stem. A sparse number of red pistil hairs were present throughout the bud leaves. LA Zoo had a sticky and frosty coating of yellow-ish trichomes that rubbed off on my hand easily. The buds felt spongey to the touch and released strong aromas when I broke it apart.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

I usually enjoy consume flower buds using my Pax vape, so that’s exactly what I did with the LA Zoo buds. Each puff was flavorful and smooth to hit. After a few draws, I noticed my mind easing and my concentration becoming slightly sharper, albeit a dreamy haze made me feel pleasantly intoxicated. I really enjoyed the heavy high and sweet and spicy smell. Smoking LA Zoo from a glass piece also delivered a hard-hitting buzz that wasn’t too sleep-inducing.

If you get a chance to try out some LA Zoo buds, don’t think twice. I really liked the stickiness of the buds and the bitter and sweet smell. I felt productive, energized, and happy after smoking a few bowls of LA Zoo. While its genetics may be shrouded in mystery, I do know that I enjoyed every minute of the LA Zoo high. 


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