Mandarin Cookies is an award winning hybrid, recognized by its citrusy and diesel flavor profile, apparent in its name. Yes, this is a good strain, and it is not commonly known to be a heavy hitter. BUT! I wouldn’t have known it was a hybrid from smoking it however- the extreme sedation and calming effects hit me pretty hard, catching me off guard. I consider my tolerance to be fairly high, so even a full blown indica might not put me to sleep like I want it to. Mandarin Cookies ended up being a couch locker when I wasn’t ready for it.

Lately, I’ve been choosing hybrids for their versatility, and energetic potential. While I do smoke the most in the evenings after work, I love to smoke weed and still feel a fairly decent level of functionality. I go to festivals, raves, movies, museums, all with cannabis, and for every event like that I will always choose a hybrid. What I am learning is that not all hybrids are created equal, and just because a strain has both indica and sativa components, the profile and division of those components makes a huge difference.

I would have been fine with trying Mandarin Cookies as a post-dinner, unwinding, evening smoke if I hadn’t felt mislead by the hybrid label. Perhaps this strain is best reserved for users hesitant to dip their toe in the sativa pool when they’re loyal to indicas. I can appreciate a mellow high, but not when I bought it for a totally different intention.

I will say, for those in the market for something skunky sweet, this has a great aroma and taste. I personally am drawn to sweeter profiles, but the skunk undertones make you feel like a true stoner. It was great for breaking down into a blunt, and as stated, was extremely potent. It is entirely possible that I’ve been smoking too much of this strain, since it’s the only one I currently have in flower form.

I can imagine that in moderation for myself, Mandarin Cookies might be the more mentally stimulated, balanced hybrid that I was hoping for. I still don’t mind getting a bit of a stonier high in the daytime, especially when I’m relaxing at the beach, but I smoked a decent amount before attending a park-concert in downtown LA. I felt so sapped of energy! I did also feel generally carefree and amicable, but combined with the heat from the direct sun, I would have rather been napping in the shade than trying to boogie down.

Let’s just say Mandarin Cookies did not provide the vibe I was trying to cultivate, but I can absolutely sense its value. I would absolutely recommend it to my anti-sativa friends and would not feel at odds letting them take a hit, because I would be shocked if they developed any negative side effects. I’ll just be trying to save my last few nugs for bedtime, once I’m finished trying to be a functional person.

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