If you’re a fan of cannabis vape cartridges, you’ll appreciate Select Oil’s line of Elite, disposable Weekender, and Elite Flavors options. I’ve tried a few of Select’s Elite cartridges and have been impressed with their potency. I got a chance to try a few of the Elite Flavors cartridges from my local delivery service because they had a steep discount. They normally run about $35 per 0.5 gram cartridge.

Select’s vape cartridges feature premium distillate THC oil that can reach between 80 and 95 percent concentration. Select uses high-quality components such as an organic cotton wick, ceramic heating core, and a nichrome heating element. Although the potency and experience were top-notch, Select Elite Flavors was slightly underwhelming in the flavor department.

Select Elite Flavors

Select’s Elite Flavors line is made using THC-rich and terpene-infused oil in a variety of flavors. Select flavors include mango, watermelon, dragonfruit, apple, peppermint, peach, root beer, and more. Overall, the flavors I bought were interesting but hardly overpowering like I was expecting. If you’re looking for a subtle flavor and maximum potency, Select Elite Flavors are for you.

I ordered three of their 0.5 gram Elite Flavors cartridges: Chocolate Raspberry, Orange Cream, and Lemon Drop. Each had a distinct, albeit, faint aroma that was pleasant and smooth to inhale. Although the flavors weren’t anything to write home about, Select’s vape carts were just as strong as I remembered.

Chocolate Raspberry

The Chocolate Raspberry vape cartridge featured 83.9 percent THC and 0.15 percent CBD. This cartridge had the most distinct flavor of the batch. I noticed an earthy and chocolatey undertone with a slight berry tart on the exhale. Chocolate Raspberry was slightly sedative, relaxing, and euphoric.

Lemon Drop

The Lemon Drop cartridge featured 84.79 percent THC and 0.19 percent CBD. Lemon Drop had a slightly astringent taste and subtle citrus aroma, which made for an invigorating bouquet of smells. Lemon Drop’s aroma may have been very subtle, but the vape oil was very potent. Lemon Drop made me productive, focused, and pleasantly intoxicated.

Orange Cream

The Orange Cream cartridge featured 81.89 percent THC and 0.33 percent CBD. I barely noticed the vape oil’s sweet and tangy orange taste. This cartridge had the most subtle aroma and flavor out of the vape cartridges I bought. After a few puffs, however, I felt relaxed, energetic, and productive.

Select is one of my favorite cartridge brands in California. Their Elite cartridges provide a strong high after just a few puffs. While the flavors weren’t as strong as I was expecting, they were very enjoyable to consume. Select has some of the best cartridges for the price. I’m excited to keep trying different Select products and their upcoming new vape cartridges.

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