For a cannabis user of over a decade, decreasing your THC tolerance can be challenging, and I have to gradually prepare myself to make my t-breaks successful and positive. I wish I could say that I had a less dependent relationship with getting high to treat daily stress, so I’m always looking for new habits to break out of a pattern. In my experience, replicating the experience of smoking cannabis helps greatly. I have also been getting more familiar with CBD to address prickly feelings of anxiety without numbing my mind to the point that I need to get high more than I want to. Coincidentally, when deciding to put more effort toward using less THC, my friend told me he bought a CBD, THC-free vape pen to have something to hit when his friends were smoking regular flower. He experiences paranoia instead of relief when smoking, but often feels peer pressured to take a hit, then regret it. I was so glad he did, because he let me try it out, and I’m now undoubtedly a believer in the effectiveness of a CBD vape.

My friend sprung for a Select CBD Blend oil vape in the classic flavor of peppermint. This blend is called Focus, intended to emphasize clarifying properties in CBD. I think this was a good choice for my friend’s purpose of social smoking for keep him fresh in case they were drinking and partying otherwise, but I also liked this pen for working hours. It’s tasty, strongly reminiscent of the holidays to me, as the peppermint almost feels more warm with undertones of cinnamon, but definitely soothing as described. After about 4 strong pulls, I paid attention to a subtle mood improvement, probably helped by the fact that I was noticeably overwhelmed before hitting the pen. I felt the edge taken off without any giggles, fog, and especially no risk of feeling too high. My friend has complained of feeling “too in his head,” or adversely too disassociated, but because no psychoactive ingredient is present in these pens, he can smoke without worry. In fact, a CBD pen might be able to directly, quickly address a panic attack.

Unfortunately as is often my problem, the Select CBD Blends are too high of a price to make this worth it within my budget. This maybe says more about an internal problem I have with spending money on things I truly love and enjoy, rather than getting a bargain. Regardless of the introspection I need to do, I would recommend Select’s CBD Blends for someone who wanted to try a higher quality CBD, good alternative for decreasing THC. At 70$ from the shop where my friend purchased it, this disposable pen is expensive enough to have made me feel guilty for hitting it as many times as I did. I suspect the quality cotton wick makes the taste of this pen so pleasant, as well as pricey. Because I enjoy the sensation of smoking at length, and can usually handle a large volume of smoke, I don’t think one of these would last me a month, especially if this was my only replacement for the action of smoking. For that reason, I have also been dabbling in nicotine-free essential oil vapes, with no medicinal value at all, and probably some chemical flavor additives that are not great for me.

For someone who craves oral fixation, and the ritual of inhaling and releasing smoke as much as I do, I think a CBD pen would work great as THC replacement in tandem with a cheaper option. If price was no issue, you can guarantee I’d have one of these in my purse or pocket every day.


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