Lemon Tree’s strain name is true to its fragrant citrus aroma. Every time you smoke Lemon Tree buds, you’ll be hit with a palpable lemon taste. This flavorful and exotic balanced hybrid strain was grown for its flavor, not its high yield. The result is zesty and tangy flower nugs that have won multiple cannabis cup including first place at 2014’s Seattle Cannabis Cup and San Francisco’s High Times Cannabis Cup. Lemon Tree’s 20 to 25 percent THC concentration complements its hard-hitting array of smells.

Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel

Lemon Tree was first grown by a group of growers in Santa Cruz, California almost two decades ago. They decided to cross Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel strains to share with their friends. After developing a clothing line, their Lemon Tree designs became popular, which increased awareness of the Lemon Tree strain.

Lemon Skunk has strong skunky and citrusy notes, which are passed onto Lemon Tree strains. Sour Diesel features its iconic fuel aroma that can really get your gears going. Lemon Tree strains were bred for high-terpene levels, but also contain high THC levels, which can give you long-lasting cerebral and narcotic effects.

Sour Lemon Taste

As one would imagine, Lemon Tree’s main aromatic note is citrus, specifically lemon. The heavy tart and tangy aroma is complemented by a sour diesel smell. Lemon has become one of the most popular flavors among first and long-time cannabis users. Diesel has been a mainstay flavor for many years. Lemon Tree combines two of the market’s most popular flavors for terpene lovers in California.

Lemon Shape

Some Lemon Tree buds even have the shape of a lemon you’d get from your backyard tree. Its dark green leaves cover its typically long and dense bud structure. When breaking the buds apart, you’ll notice the buds are spongy and sticky. Light orange hairs protrude from green leaves and white trichome glands are visible from every angle. If you get your buds from the Lemon Tree crew, you’ll be enjoying organically-grown weed with tons of trichomes containing cannabinoids and terpenes.

Balanced High

Lemon Tree has a relatively high THC content, but doesn’t leave you high and dry with a small dose. Micro-dosing Lemon Tree gives users a balanced high that relaxes their body and thoughts. Higher doses bring out Lemon Tree’s sedative effects. Consumers have used Lemon Tree to relieve chronic pain, insomnia, and some anxiety disorders. If you’re looking for a flavorful and unique strain without the intense intoxication, Lemon Tree is right for you.

Lemon Tree was created in Santa Cruz, but its blissful aroma just couldn’t be ignored beyond this California town. Lemon Tree fans can show their support by grabbing a hoodie, t-shirt, hat, socks, or other Lemon Tree apparel adorned with the cheeky Lemon Tree logo designed by Santa Cruz skateboard designer Jimbo Phillips. Lemon Tree is truly one of the more balanced and flavorful lemon-scented strains around.

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