If you’re looking for a semi-epic strain, look no further than 3 Kings. Sometimes I wonder if I should be listening to bud-tenders, because I don’t want to be pushed on a product that I feel is overpriced, and I am extremely guilty of nice-girl syndrome where I don’t want to be rude to anyone. Even salespeople who I know are trying to market to me as a job. In a dispensary, I usually make my price point clear up front, and honestly, I have yet to be mislead or felt after the fact like the advice was unfounded. The guy at the LAX shop told me that of the cartridges he had available, he liked 3 Kings the best, and there wasn’t that much wiggle room between $70 1g oils. 3 Kings is so named because it’s bred from a triad of beloved strains- Sour Diesel, Headband, and OG Kush. The sativa dominant hybrid is great for an active high, pain and tension relief, without any couchlock.

You’ll recognize its parent strains as being potent and popular in their own right, and bringing them all together has a pleasant effect. I hit this pen walking around a bougie development before I saw Toy Story 4, and felt awake, aware, but definitely buzzing. A bubble of easygoing seemed to bloom in my head with each hit, then subsided to a more bodily sensation. One friend’s description that I found quite fitting was that this is a strain that will simply obliterate your worries when it sets in. Whatever was harshing your mellow before you tried 3 Kings just won’t matter to you anymore.

Before I saw the final (hopefully) installment of the beloved childhood millennial franchise, I was feeling a little sad about having to go see it alone because none of my friends were trying to come, or had already seen it. Instead of letting pitiful, pouty tears drag me down for the evening, 3 Kings brought me back up to a carefree, fun mood, apt to enjoy myself. I think cannabis is so valuable for taking a lousy attitude and turning it around in a total 180. No other drug is as safe and counted on for that ability. When I find a good strain for a breadth of purposes, activities, and moods, I always take note. I find that sativa dominant hybrids are an ideal candidate for variety, and 3 Kings should rank well as far as that criteria goes.

Other reviewers seem to focus on the headiness of it, but I find that the kush eventually sinks into the rest of the body. I’m one of those semi-nervous toe tappers when I’ve had too much coffee, and I felt like 3 Kings would be able to stave off the shakes if I needed something to chill me out in most senses without putting me on my ass.

It’s an epitomized version of my favorite type of cannabis, and worth keeping around. If I see some flower on sale, I would definitely spring for another adventure with the 3 Kings.

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