It’s August, stargazers! How quickly the earth orbits again around the sun. Doesn’t it feel like June just passed? Regardless of how time feels, a flat circle, a line, or otherwise… what should you be on the lookout in the 8th month of 2019?


Aries’ themes this month: Opportunities for career shift, or ones you thought had already passed, could arise. So don’t sit out on them! If you’re unhappy take the reins. What can you do differently this time to take full advantage?

Cannabis to try: Strains for problem solving, meditation, seeking answers for how to change. Grandaddy Purple is a great introspective high that could change your perspective.


Taurus’ themes this month: Always wanting more, you can make your current situation work in your favor to increase your financial gain. It’s time to start investing and figuring out how to make your money make you money so you can live your best life. There’s always tighter budgeting if you don’t have the funds to invest yet.

Cannabis to try: Inexpensive strains that will relax you and destress you in this time of lesser cash flow. I recently got a cartridge of Blue Razz in a bargained deal and that had me zen and in bed as soon after a few hits. Can’t be shopping if you’re asleep, bull.


Gemini’s themes this month: It’s been a hard year in love for you, and you finally are feeling ready to stop saying yes to someone who does not make you happy. Whether it’s been a series of unfortunate dates, or a relationship run its course, find your power to do what’s good for you. Being single might be it. 

Cannabis to try: Strains for confidence, self pleasure, assurance, emotional pain relief will be your best bet, Twins. Bruce Banner hits hard in the head, which is frequently a pain-point in migraine-inducing worries and arguments with a significant other. This heavy lift in spirits could turn you around.


Cancer’s themes this month: If you’ve been getting annoyed by your lover or partner, it might be a good time this August to get a little emotional space so you can avoid feeling held back in the relationship instead of supported. Resentment can build easily, so listen to your gut and take a break if you’re not feeling a situation.

Cannabis to try: Strains for anxiety, mood improvement, a good night’s sleep, well earned respite from outside stressors. Bubba Kush is almost a tranquilizer with how suddenly it can carry you off to dreamland- or rather, dreamless, deep sleep land.


Leo’s themes this month: It’s your month, Lion! Time to let loose, have a ton of fun, and go on vacation. The universe wants you to reward all the hard work and stressors that have been keeping you from feeling yourself and enjoying life. 

Cannabis to try: Strains for partying, laughing, good friends, travel, definitely a celebratory happy high to bounce back from crappy events in your life, Lion. Laughing Buddha is a joyful strain that’ll lift you up and get you as smiley as its namesake.


Virgo’s themes this month: Summer reorganization, anyone? Virgo might be thinking of some home space redesign for a fresh energy in the environment. Donating some old clutter and moving some of your favorite pieces to the forefront might be just the way to satisfaction this month.

Cannabis to try: Strains for organization, activity, productivity and energy, which you likely prefer already, Virgo. Super Silver Haze will have you buzzing around your house, renewing the energy and shaking the dust loose.

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