The Donkey Kong strain is a private reserve strain from a local shop in Hollywood. Donkey Kong is an indica dominant strain that provides consumers a relaxing and calming high. Just like its namesake, the Donkey Kong strain presents itself in huge, dense nugs with a pungent aroma you can’t forget. If banana bread is your favorite dessert, you’re undoubtedly going to fall in love with the Donkey Kong strain.



The Donkey Kong strain comes from a cross between Death Star and Banana OG, hence the name Donkey Kong. Banana OG is an indica dominant cross between Banana and OG Kush. OG Kush is parent strain to many great hybrids after it including Saturn OG, Crown OG, Hitman OG, Headband OG, and much more. Death Star comes from a cross between the infamous Sour Diesel and legendary indica strain by Paradise Seeds, Sensi Star.



Donkey Kong has dense, broad nugs bursting with color and a fragrant aroma of citrus, earthy pine, and a hint of diesel. The nugs are fairly easy to break up despite their rugged appearance. The buds are fluffy and not very sticky. A grinder isn’t really necessary for a bud with this texture but is recommended for consumers wanting to save their kief for later projects like baking edibles. The nugs are colored a deep green with a few sparsely spread amber and orange pistils. The trichomes are visible and colored an eggshell white.



With a THC content of about 19.3%, the Donkey Kong strain is quite potent. Consumers should stick with a traditional sativa if focus is your intention. The Donkey Kong strain provides consumers an intense, building high that is euphoric and lethargic all at once. For myself, I found I was able to focus on small tasks for short spans of time but anything needing intense focus or dedication was out of the question. For consumers dealing with issues like insomnia or lack of appetite, Donkey Kong is the perfect strain to alleviate these problems. It’s recommended for nighttime use to obtain the best effects but can be used at any time throughout the day for a quick boost in appetite. Consumers can expect the effects to last 3 to 5 hours.



Farmers looking to cultivate their own Donkey Kong strain will be delighted to know it is of medium difficulty to grow. The flowering time of this strain is about 60 days and it’s preferred to grow this strain outdoors. The average yield of this plant is high so consumers can expect a bountiful harvest after the 60 days.


The Donkey Kong strain is a decadent and potent hybrid strain that should be on your watch list. With its decent THC content and mixture of both cerebral and physical effects, Donkey Kong is a strain that is sure to be a favorite among your friends. Let us know how you like it in the comments below!

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