Barry White is considered one of the greatest music artists of our time. His distinctive bass-baritone voice has led to many Grammy Awards as well as romantic encounters. Recently, at my local dispensary, I was introduced to a different romantic encounter in the Berry White Live Resin from 710 Reserve out of Washington State. The Berry White is an Indica Dominant Hybrid that crosses Blueberry and White Widow to create a strain said to give a heavy, euphoric high. I was able to grab this sample up for $15USD a gram, so I was extremely happy with the price point. At first look the Berry White Live Resin was beautiful. Light gold and beyond saucy, I could tell this was going to be loaded with terpenes.

I decided to use my Mobius Matrix bubbler to dab this one up. First off, I was very pleased with the consistency of this resin as well as the smell of pine and berries that hit me in the face when I opened the jar. This had the look of fire and I was excited to give her a go. As I dipped my nail into the resin, I was easily able to grab a nice glob and once it hit the quartz banger, I was stunned at how smooth this vapor was. Upon inhale, I could taste the deep flavors of Pine along with Blueberries and cherries. As I exhaled, I was able to taste more of her earthy tones and could instantly feel her stone in my head. This was some very smooth vapor that was easy on the lungs. After one hit, I could feel the stone in my eyes but I wouldn’t say it was very potent. I was able to take a second major dab minutes later and then I was able to feel the high from head to toe. It was a mellow fade that gave me more energy than I expected. I was able to write this article and watch some Soccer so definitely not couch-lock material. This was a great strain for stress and anxiety as it had me happy and relaxed as I suffer from back pain and this helped to alleviate it completely for a good two hours. I probably wouldn’t recommend this strain for insomnia as she had me deep in thought which I enjoyed.

In closing, the Berry White live resin was a wonderful strain that left me feeling it’s love. It probably wouldn’t win any awards for its strength and potency but it still had a nice fade to her so I gave it an 8.6/10. Now when it came to her flavor and pungency, this is where the Berry White really showed her prowess as the pine and berry flavors were deep and delicious. Each hit felt like I was able to taste her terpenes more and for that reason, I gave the Berry White live resin a 9.5/10 in terms of flavor. I loved the Berry White live resin for her ability to keep me stoned without feeling incapacitated. If you see it in your local shop don’t hesitate as you, “Can’t get enough of her love baby.”

berry white live resin

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