Brains Damage is a true mind-numbing hybrid strain that’s perfect for individuals who need strong relief or cannabis users that smoke daily. As an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, Brains Damage delivers an energetic and clear-headed high in small-to-moderate doses. In large doses, you could find yourself glued to the couch, although you’ll probably be the most relaxed you’ve ever been. First-time users should tread carefully with Brains Damage because its high THC content can catch you off guard.

4-Way Cross

Brains Damage was bred by award-winning K.C. Brains Seeds in Holland. This high-yielding Indica-dominant hybrid strain is a cross between Acapulco (Mexico), Hawaii 1993, Mango 2001, and K.C. 636 strains. K.C. Brains Seeds aimed to blend the best premium Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid varieties to develop a strain that could be grown anywhere in the world and have a high THC concentration.

Brain Buzz

While you won’t likely get brain damage from smoking or vaping this strain, you might feel a strong cerebral rush of positive emotions that’ll reduce your stress levels and relax your muscles. Brains Damage was a robust and invigorating strain that gave me the energy to tackle the rest of my day after I smoked it around noon. I was in a meditative state while doing the dishes, writing, and just hanging out.

A bowl or two of Brains Damage won’t knock you out, but any more than that may negatively affect novice users. Brains Damage typically has THC levels starting at 23 percent. A high THC and low CBD combination ensure you get a balanced blend of mind and body effects. I felt at peace and not overwhelmed after smoking a few bowls of Brains Damage.

Complex Aroma

Brains Damage isn’t just intended for strong relief. Its complex aroma is a potpourri of terpenes and common cannabis scents. I smelled a mix of sweet and earthy notes. My Brains Damage batch had a slightly fruity taste that reminded me of tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, and pineapple. Brains Damage’s earthy aroma was spicy, herbal, floral, and had undertones of pine and wood. The earthy and tropical notes give this strain one of the most unique flavor profiles.

Dense and Sticky

Brains Damage has a great bag appeal due to its trichome content and large buds. It had dense and forest green buds with an enviable coating of sticky, white, and resinous trichomes. Brains Damage buds tend to be long and fluffy like other Indica varieties. Light-orange-colored pistil hairs shot up through its green leaves. Brains Damage buds were slightly sticky when breaking it apart to pack a bowl.

If you’re looking for a versatile strain that’s good for relaxing or being productive, Brains Damage is a solid choice. A few puffs of Brains Damage will make you a bit more focused and relaxed, while an increased dosage can let you sink back into your couch without any worries. Its cerebral haze is pleasant and doesn’t make you feel too out of your mind. Make sure to pick up at least a gram of Brains Damage if you get the chance.

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