OG Diesel Kush, or OG Diesel for short, is a popular and pungent hybrid strain that gave me a mood-boosting cerebral buzz and muscle-relaxing effects. This strain’s origins are a mystery, but I do know that it’s THC levels can be moderate-to-strong. It’s dark green buds are covered in resinous trichomes full of potent cannabinoids and terpenes.

The OG Diesel Kush I bought had a strong sweet and diesel-smelling aroma. The onset of effects wasn’t as fast as other strains, but when it hit me, I was uplifted and relaxed. OG Diesel Kush delivers a complex aroma and long-lasting effects for any type of cannabis user.

Kush and Diesel

OG Diesel Kush’s history is shrouded in mystery, but we do know that its parent strains are a classic Kush strain and the New York-born Diesel strain. Kush strains, originating in the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, are resilient and earthy-piney plants that became popular during the 1970s. 

Diesel strains are typically uplifting in nature and have a strong smell reminiscent of diesel fuel. Many diesel strains can also have a sweet aroma that balances the fuel odor. Both Kush and Diesel strains can have high THC levels, which is exactly what I found with my batch of OG Diesel Kush. Each hit of my OG Diesel Kush-packed Pax was flavorful and stimulating.

Balanced Effects

OG Diesel Kush’s indica and sativa parents contribute to its potent and balanced effects. You won’t feel couch-locked or sleepy after a few puffs of OG Diesel Kush. This strain usually has THC levels around 19 to 20 percent with less than one percent CBD. After vaping OG Diesel Kush, I felt content, mellow, and creative. 

OG Diesel Kush’s effects aren’t immediately noticeable. After about 15 minutes, the effective and subtle effects made me feel carefree and loose, although I wasn’t fully aware of the slow progression of effects. OG Diesel Kush made me more focused and able to complete a task from start to finish without getting distracted.

Earthy Diesel Aroma

As you might guess from its name. OG Diesel Kush has a powerful diesel fuel smell and skunky aroma. It’s not all harsh notes, though. I noticed some sweet and fruity hints. OG Diesel Kush combines all of my favorite strain scents all in its vibrant green buds.

Frosty Trichomes

OG Diesel Kush’s buds are dense and fluffy. My OG Diesel Kush batch had a substantial collection of crystal-clear trichomes forming on its leaves in between orange-brownish pistil hairs. The dark green buds were rather small, almost like popcorn buds, but they were sticky as I broke them apart to pack a bowl.

I thoroughly enjoyed every puff of OG Diesel Kush. Although it was super pungent, which doesn’t make it good for discreet vaping, I appreciated its invigorating smell. Some strains have a more subtle aroma, but OG Diesel Kush isn’t shy to emit its diesel aroma. I’ll be picking up OG Diesel Kush more often to vape before writing or any other creative pursuit.

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