Welcome to July, stargazers! It’s officially summer, and there’s no shortage of drama, boredom, or excitement. This month is heating up for us all, so let’s see what the 7th month of 2019 has in store for you, and what strains you might want to move to the top of your weed shopping list.


Aries’ themes: Achieving goals, making things happen by the time you claim they will, without any delay. Aries, expect to experience closeness with family and friends that you haven’t felt in some time. Lean into those moments of solidarity.

Cannabis suggestion: Strains for speedy, fast, productivity, like the sativa Allen Wrench for mental clarity and physical energy. For wholesome bonding feelings, Lemon Haze will have you connecting with others hard.


Taurus’ themes: Reliance upon others for support, and striking the right balance, which can be a challenge for Taurus. Important romantic relationships or developments are underway, and work holds great promise for furthering potential at this time.

Cannabis suggestion: The bull should be seeking strains for social connections and especially work productivity, like Super Silver Haze. You can get your creative flow on without a risk of paranoia.


Gemini’s themes: Mercury retrograde will attract people toward you, whether they be good or bad influences, so be wary of these interlopers. Your physical health and good shape means goals are being met! Way to go, Twins!

Cannabis suggestion: Try strains that will steady feelings of confidence, and give you an extra boost for physical activity. The hybrid Sour Cheese will keep you energized without a lousy crash that kills the rest of your day.


Cancer’s themes: It’s a big birthday time for many of you, crabs! Remember that success is often due to the support of family and friends, that you’re in need of lately. July will be trying for you, whether it’s personal, environmental, or financial strain, so it’s a perfect time to stay medicated.

Cannabis suggestion: Cancer will want strains for high stress, depression, and alleviating anxiety, like Tangerine Power that delivers strong relaxation and comfort, with a surprising kick of active euphoria.


Leo’s themes: The Lion will experience spiritual and personal growth, compared to the stagnancy and shortcomings of late. Great time to look to outside sources, spiritual or otherwise, for which to inspire internal strength.

Cannabis suggestion: Leo will benefit from strains for reflection, deep meditation, and introspection. Keeping with the summer theme, tasty Blueberry will have you feeling like you’re diving into a deep fruit pie, filled with life ponderings.


Virgo’s themes: Virgo is doing lots of networking and professional chatting this month, discovering points you have in common, creating friendships. You’ll show great determination in moving up at work, and make sure it does not go unnoticed!

Cannabis suggestion: Strains for inspiration, productivity, and groundedness are deserved for you, Virgo. Jupiter OG will provide you the full body high to get rested from all your hard work.

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