Welcome to July, stargazers! It’s officially summer, and there’s no shortage of drama, boredom, or excitement. This month is heating up for us all, so let’s see what the 7th month of 2019 has in store for you, and what strains you might want to move to the top of your weed shopping list.


Libra’s themes: This July, the Scales are feeling confident and romantic. Partnerships will play a recurring role- you have talented friends from which you should be seeking inspiration for your own success. You love your support network and they want you to thrive.

Cannabis suggestion: Libra, you might enjoy particularly sensual strains, like slow, smooth Bubblegum Kush. It’s also great for relationship strengthening in general, as a deeply connective strain.


Scorpio’s themes: It’s a good month, Scorpio- you should be reaping rewards long and hard earned! You’re getting increased professional recognition and hard work is being seen. It’s a great feeling to be recognized, and you should ride this wave as long as you can.

Cannabis suggestion: You deserve to celebrate, Scorpio! Thankfully, celebrative, fun strains are also great for sparking creativity. Chocolope is tasty, cerebral fun.


Sagittarius’ themes: Archer, your relationships between family and friend groups are reaching peak levels of intensity, good and bad. Money has been tight, so you may want to consider recouping some of that financial loss this month.

Cannabis suggestion: Sag, you should smoke strains for togetherness and for good talks, like White Russian. Strains that are cheap should also be on your radar, so check out the deals and bottom shelf choices at all your local shops!


Capricorn’s themes: Goat, your financial gains for the benefit of family and others you care for is a priority to you. While helping those you love, however don’t abandon your own health and wellness! You won’t be able to be as helpful if you don’t rest. 

Cannabis suggestion: Try smoking strains for improving your physical and mental condition as much as you can- sweet Afghani will sedate you into a deep sleep, and treat your pain and anxiety smoothly.


Aquarius’ themes: You’ve choose to concentrate heavily on your work and personal priorities than family or relationships. Love could be blooming at the end of the month, so watch out, heart-weary Aquarius. It’s hard to let your defenses down, but there are ways to help that without slowing your drive.

Cannabis suggestion: This July, you’ll like strains for creativity without too much overactive paranoia risks, possibly beneficial for expressing vulnerability. Try Flo, which will lower your anxiety and induce euphoria.


Pisces’ themes: Fish, your independence is important, but not all problems are best dealt with alone! Sometimes the best path is the one with help along the way. Don’t be afraid to reach out for it. If you’re struggling, people love you and want to be there.

Cannabis suggestion: The strains Pisces should look for this month will provide emotional calm and stability when the world feels like it’s on your shoulders. Check out Trident to vibe with your sea-faring energy to handle your anxiety. It’s great for mental balance and turbulent emotions.

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