The Red Head Mistress isn’t your new archenemy or the latest Batman villain. Red Hair Mistress is a pure indica strain that comes from the Regular Mistress strain (a new and improved version of the original Mistress strain). This strain, from Inland Empire THC in Riverside, has a nice, earthy taste with subtle floral nuances. Red Hair Mistress is also very potent and delivers a pleasant aftertaste with a mellow high. This unique strain gives a cerebral rush, but it’s also the type of medicine that is lucid enough to allow consumers clarity of thought when you need to be off the couch and on your A-game. An aesthetically pleasing flowered and flavored bud, the strain is well suited for social gatherings. You’re going to want to share this strain with your friends but its ok to want to keep it all to yourself as well. She won’t tell. Those in need of treating sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, body aches, pain and insomnia, Red Hair Mistress is here to provide relief.


This inland empire native strain is jammed packed with beautiful crystal-like trichomes, red, orange and white colors. With its frosty layer of trichomes and smatterings of fiery red pistils, The Red Head Mistress is a looker. Red Hair Mistress is said to leave consumers feeling energetic, sedated, uplifted, relaxed, focused, creative, and social while also causing intense couchlock. Some of the medical conditions this strain provides relief for includes appetite loss, depression, appetite, insomnia, stress, pain relief, anxiety, and much more. The versatility of this indica strain makes it great for any type of consumer, no matter what type of benefits you’re looking for from your bud. The high level pyshoactivity of this strain produces in consumers is due to its sky-high THC levels. The Red Head Mistress strain boasts insane THC levels of between 25-27%, which is largely unheard of. It’s super easy to overmedicate on such a potent strain and as such it isn’t recommended for novice smokers. Veteran smokers, however, will love the heavy hitting effects of the Red Hair Mistress strain. The Red Head Mistress indica strain is best recommended for nighttime use to get the most restful night’s sleep of your existence.

redhair msitress

The Red Head Mistress can be quite difficult to find and is most popular in areas like Oakland. Consumers can use apps like Weedmaps and Eaze to locate dispensaries and delivery services that carry this knockout strain. No matter what lengths you have to go through to find this elusive strain, it’s well worth the search. Red Head Mistress is sure not to disappoint. Veteran smokers and novices alike will enjoy the heavy hitting effects and awesome medical effects. The versatility of this strain makes it perfect for a variety of consumers, whether you enjoy marijuana recreationally or medically. Be sure to let us know how you like it when you get a hold of this titan of an illusive indica strain. For more rare and exotic strain reviews, check out

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