Did you happen to have parents (or at least your Dad) who would secretly toke in the garage or the backyard, but wasn’t so great at the secrecy part so you still caught him? That was my situation, which led to a few awkward moments, but mostly funny ones, especially when I got caught the first time. Great times. Well now that it’s a lot more casual and accepted to enjoy cannabis in its various forms, you might want to consider getting your dad some of these awesome gifts this year.

Joshua Tree CBD Beard Oil – 30mg Pure Hemp Isolate CBD

If he has a beard, make sure it smells amazing while maintaining its sheen and has a special edge with its CBD isolate. This won’t get anyone high but it prevents itching and irritation while taking care of the skin and facial hear. It’s certainly a welcome addition to anyone’s grooming arsenal that takes their beard seriously. It smells like palo santo, frankincense and vanilla. Who wouldn’t want to smell like that? A word of caution from their website: “The fragrance of this oil may attract women or bears.”

Cannamaour Men’s Grooming Oil – 450 mg CBD

Here’s another great oil that is more versatile and more on the luxury side. What’s great about Cannamour is it’s made for beards and clean shaves. It has a proprietary blend of sweet terpenes from the CBD and essential oils, so it would be a great way to start the day and everyone nearby can also appreciate the blend of scents. It’s also lightweight and free from any synthetic ingredients so it’s works on sensitive areas like eyelids as well. This one is also pure CBD so it’s good to go any time. For the best blend of skin care, alluring fragrance, and regal vibes, choose Cannamour.

Two Roots Brewing Craft Canna-Beer

Father’s Day is perfect for cracking open a cold one at home, at the beach, on a camping trip, or pretty much anywhere with the people you care about and away from a noisy restaurant. And while I’m sure you know his favorite brew and have enjoyed it together many times, Two Roots Brewing is an experience you’ll both want to share. At 5mg THC and 0.5% ABV, these are easy to manage your high with no adverse effects of alcohol, so you can keep them flowing and enjoy all the refreshing elements of beer without any of the buzz.

Another good option is Lagunita Brewing’s Hi-Fi Hops, which are also non-alcoholic and are available in 5mg or 10mg of THC. Personally, I like the idea of these options as a gift because it’s more about the memories you’ll share.

Who knows, this could be the beginning of a new tradition.


The Silverstick is an forward-thinking sneak-a-toke. It’s easy to load a quick hit while keeping those hot embers out of your mouth with the cotton filters, and it comes with a metal pick to help remove the clogs. Their website offers different cases as well, so you can go with Aromatic Cedar for example, or a more discreet Toasted Brown Leather case that’s a bit smaller and easier to carry around.

Magic-Flight Launch Box

This is a cool, small, portable vape, made for flower unlike the vast majority of pens used for concentrates. These are produced from natural and renewable materials as well, making it environmentally conscious so that’s always worth considering as well. They have a lot of different designs on their website and you can add a power adapter or a set of rechargeable batteries and use it anywhere.

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