If you’ve been anywhere near a dispensary in Oregon these days you’ve witnessed some amazing things happening in the extracts department. From live resins to caviars, Oregon producers have been pumping out an abundance of breathtaking waxes and distillates recently. On my recent trip to the Beaver State, I decided to pick up something special that caught my attention in the Purple Hindu Kush canary diamonds from The LAB based out of Colorado but recently expanded to Oregon. From what I can tell, canary diamonds are produced the same way as any live resin extraction but using an extremely “macro” process.

First and foremost let me warn you that these canary diamonds are not for the beginner. They are also extremely pricey at $60USD for a gram. Yes, you heard me right, this is one of the most expensive cannabis extracts I have ever had the pleasure of sampling. Luckily, I know some very fortunate people who were willing to splurge for this delicacy, as I could never afford such an extravagant treat. This is honestly Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos tier gear or as the guy at the dispensary called it, “Dabs for Kings and Queens.” At first look, you can tell you are staring at something unique as these gems look like clear rocks with a hint of gold within them. In the light, they reflect like you are looking at a mini Sankara stone from the movie, “Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.” In one word I describe the appearance as otherworldly. I’ve smoked many a resin and caviar in terp sauce but these Canary Diamonds were literally the holy grail.

As I stuck my glass nail into the diamond I was expecting a very brittle consistency, but these were more of a sticky yet breakable texture almost like sugar wax. I broke through the diamond and it instantly stuck to the nail but I was able to touch it without having it stick to my finger, unlike a live resin. The clarity of the dab was almost like looking through glass and had me speechless.

I decided to use my Toro rig with a diamond knot quartz banger and kept it at a very low heat of around 420 degrees. Once the dab hit the quartz I was shocked as there was a slight snap in the banger as if the diamonds had a tiny bit of moisture within them, but make no mistake this was the cleanest dab I have ever taken. I was able to inhale a massive amount and hold it in without the normal pain on my lungs. As I exhaled it was no doubt smoother than any hit I had ever experienced. Clean and clear, the flavor was a gas and lemon mix that left a nice taste of diesel along with grape on my tongue. But the flavor wasn’t the story here, potency was. After exhale, my eyes instantly shut and I was in the clouds. I would say it took me a good 30 seconds to catch my breath and get my bearings about me. And once the fog cleared, I was fubar. This was as high as I’d been since grade school but in a happy, euphoric way. The stone lasted for the entire magical NBA game 7 upset of the Portland Trail Blazers over the Denver Nuggets in the Mile High City and was the perfect way to celebrate an amazing victory.

In terms of flavor and pungency, I gave the Purple Hindu Kush canary diamonds a score of 9.2/10 as it was truly a delicious profile of diesel and lemon terpenes with a hint of grape. When it came to her potency this was an unbelievable experience and I had to give it a score of 9.9/10. The highest score I have ever given any form of cannabis in terms of strength. Overall, this was truly the stuff of legends.

canary diamonds

Canary Diamonds

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