Occasionally I run across a product that I have to recommend to anyone and everyone I know. This was the case recently when I was given a magical potion called Shoe-Pourri for my Birthday. If the name seems familiar, that’s because it is. You’ve probably heard or used their more well-known line of products named Poo-Pourri. Yes, you know Poo-Pouri for saving you from embarrassing bathroom odor’s and now they’ve come out with a new product that has me blown away in Shoe-Pourri, which you guessed it, is for eliminating foul odor from your shoes.

Now I don’t consider myself someone who suffers from repulsive foot odor issues, but if you ask my 6-year-old, she’d probably beg to differ. Look, I like to go jogging and over time my Nike Free Run’s have what I call an acquired odor. It’s not deadly, but I’ll be honest, they kind of stink. But amazingly, after a few sprays of the Shoe-Pourri, my daughter was willing to put her nose right up to my running shoes and admitted with great confidence that they smelled amazing. She told me they reminded her of a fresh smelling shampoo or soap and to my surprise she was right. After putting my nose up to the foot hole of my sneakers all I smelled was notes of wood and grapefruit. I’d absolutely say it smelled like Cedar, Eucalyptus and grapefruit which reminded me of a Men’s Cologne I adore named Issey Miyake. Even two weeks after one treatment, I could still smell the Shoe-Pourri fragrance and I no longer worried about my shoes giving off any obnoxious odors.

So looking at the Shoe-Pourri’s ingredients label, it says it’s made with a blend of all natural essential oils and enzymes. I was lucky and received my Shoe-Pourri as a present, but you can purchase it directly through the Poo-Pourri website and at stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond or Wal-Mart for around $13USD for a 2oz size spray bottle. At the end of the day if you have super stink feet this may not totally get rid of foul shoe odor, but it’s worth a shot. For me, it was a total game changer and now I have shoes that literally smell like a eucalyptus tree in a grapefruit orchard. Thanks a ton, Shoe-Pourri, you’ve made my little munchkin no longer shame me for my foot funk.

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