Versace is one of those strains where the designer facet is right in the name. Bred from Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purple, 3 notoriously crystal-heavy strains. The trichomes blend well together and interact to create an intense head high. The Sour Diesel wakes up a stagnant mind, layered with the bodily relaxation of Granddaddy Purple, topped off by OG Kush’s reputed joyful effects.

When dabbed as a pungent wax, I felt the effects as a mostly invigorating, mobile high. Even being dead tired physically, I kept having little sparks of ideas for different projects. Being physically exhausted however, the sumptuous body relaxation loosened my muscles and eased my aches, making it easier to chill on the couch. If I had smoked Versace a little earlier in my day, before the day’s hustle wore me down, I probably would have gotten more work done and in a better mood. Being a premium luxury strain, it tastes pretty smoothly of florals and citrus, shadowed by the diesel aroma on the exhale.

Versace is a great strain for quelling symptoms of depression, making it a great medicinal cannabis, but I also find the mental energy would make it great for a party. Essentially, anytime you feel like you could be in a way better mood, this strain is a safe bet you’ll get there. The cerebral feeling leads the way into a much happier mindset, allowing you to go forth and conquer without getting overstressed.

If available in a vape cartridge, I think Versace may even be a good cannabis to partake on a workday lunch break, but only a hit or two so that none of your efficiency gets distracted. Even if you love your job, sometimes you feel so overwhelmed and worried, it can be hugely beneficial to your overall workflow and process to have a little help from Versace. Chronic fatigue and typical Millennial burnout can’t be cured by cannabis alone, but Versace is absolutely a strain in the right direction if managing these symptoms is a priority to you.

This would not be a strain I would recommend to indica-lovers curious about a good hybrid, because the powerful strains being crossed could be a high risk factor for paranoia. Yes, Versace provides an excellent, untensed bodily sensation, but its creative, analytical properties can be a lot to handle for someone new to sativa consumption. That said, this was a strain I discovered smoking with my high-buddy who tries to never smoke pure sativas, and he finds this strain to be good for gaming and exercising. It gets him the high he’s looking for, while keeping him alert and especially jazzed about tasks that may not be the most fun, like working out. For me, Versace is a wonderful productive high, and I would love to try it before lifting weights, as that is another task where I can use as much motivation and enjoyment as possible.

Next time you’re feeling like life is dragging you down, and you wanna get up and power through to the light on the other side… maybe try on some Versace. It could be a good fit!


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