True OG is one of those classic, iconic strains known for mellowing the smoker far out. “OG” stands for “Ocean Grown,” a southern California that gives off somewhat of a accurate surfer vibe. It’s not Original Gangster in this case… much more befitting for a beachy athlete. This strain is zen, relaxed, yet good for motion and connection with the self and others. The indica is known for being light and uplifting, sometimes mistaken for a sativa, effects-wise. It is calming and soothing, but far from sluggish.

I love True OG for daytime pain relief, especially menstrual cramps or post workout muscle soreness. If you’re looking for a sativa-like high, but don’t want to mess with heady strains and stay in the indica lane, this fresh tasting flower is for you. It’s most common said that it will soothe and elate without weighing you down to the couch.

I discovered this strain picking up wax for a friend who exclusively smokes indicas, but likes strains that energize and uplift for daytime smokes, or before study sessions. It’s a good post workout, pre yoga session strain that really allows me to breathe and stretch. The high is clear headed, but definitely a blessing to frazzled nerves. The piney, earthy, somewhat natural taste is truly refreshing, sometimes described as Pine-Sol.

True OG is a good daily strain for migraine relief, this indica can actually provide decent mental stimulation. I have heard complaints that True OG actually isn’t a strong enough strain for what patients expect of it, which may make it an even better introductory strain. That said, I used this strain as a wax and definitely felt its full potential through dabs. If you ever want to make sure you feel some sort of high, regardless of the strain, dabbing is almost guaranteed to get you there. In higher doses, as with many strains, this cannabis acts as a powerful sedative when time for bed. With enough, you’ll sleep hard and undisturbed, and wake up feeling quite rested.

Although OG Kush is an absolute couch-locking strain in its parentage, it will take quite a few dabs for me to get totally ready for bed with True OG, and just a hit or two midday to feel amply prepared to do some research, or walk to the local mall and get some errands done. Even though I should be mindful to not wander around the Target, filling up my cart with silly non-essentials.

True OG is overall a good multi-purpose strain, if you’re low on money and want something that could become the right high at any time of day. Trying to manage some stress and stay productive? Just watch your dose. Ready for a heavy sleep? Make sure you’re hitting it enough! Want to feel better with low risk for undesired effects? True OG is a trustworthy strain to keep on deck. Surfer, or not!

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