White Widow is another one of those infamous cannabis strains that gets called out when people think of marijuana. I’ve been dying to try all the iconic strains from movies and pop culture so that I can fully call myself an expert on the classic cars of the cannabis industry. White Widow is a balanced hybrid bred out of the Netherlands by Green House Seeds. White Widow has blessed every Dutch coffee shop menu since its birth in the 1990s. White Widow is a must try for anyone who considers themselves a cannabis connoisseur and delights in creative, productive, non-lethargic, anxiety-relieving highs.


White Widow’s parent plants give a clear explanation of why this strain has such a balanced energy, originally descending from heirloom breeds of South American (sativa) and South Indian (indica) heritage. White Widow was a purchase I made the day after 4/20 from a local delivery service called LA Green Run. I ran through what I had stocked up during the holiday and was looking for something that’d be a good replacement until it’s time to re-up again. White Widow immediately caught my attention. At 1/4oz for $60 it’s not exactly cheap but not very expensive either. The delivery process was a bit of a hassle this time, but I pushed on, now thoroughly invested in getting my hands on this strain.


At first smell, White Widow gives off the scent of finely shredded coconut mixed with citrus and some berry notes, punctuated by an underlying funkiness. The buds range in size from small popcorn nugs to large conical shapes and even short, fat, and dense. This bud is super dense and it’s not an easy feat to break up with the hands, but it can be done. The bud is also quite soft and fluffy. White Widow buds are covered in a thick coat of kief. A grinder would be perfect for this strain. White Widow nugs are a pretty light green with the smallest patches of orange hairs spread throughout.


The first time-consuming White Widow should be a special one so of course, I had to employ the assistance of the Honey Bourbon White Owl’s. I was still in post-420 mode and didn’t think about how this potentially could lead to me being “too high”. Regardless, I smoked the blunt and awaited the effects of White Widow. White Widow is great for that full body high experience. The high begins exhilarating and provides a relaxing and talkative effect. Followed afterward is a slow creeping onset of sleepiness and deep calm.


White Widow weed is great for a nightcap when taken in high doses but throughout the day is manageable and uplifting in smaller doses. I slept pretty much all the way through the night after consuming White Widow. This strain is highly recommended for anyone dealing with insomnia. The effects lasted about 5 hours total with the more indica-like effects lasting the longest. I never felt “too high” at any point.


The White Widow cannabis strain has become legendary for its immense resin production, as it routinely clocks in with THC levels in the 20-25% range — all adding up to produce a vibrant flower that offers a host of legitimate medicinal benefits. For individuals that struggle with chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, depression, or stress, White Widow may be the perfect cannabis strain for you. The most frequently-documented side effects by those who consume White Widow weed is – surprise, surprise – dry mouth. Of course, this can be resolved by drinking plenty of water.

The White Widow strain is not one to be missed! For more rare and exotic strain reviews, check out realfunctional.com.

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