Headband OG is a cannabis strain that crosses two renowned strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, to create a powerful, stimulating effect on the mind. The Headband OG strain is said to make consumers feel the sensation of a slight tightening around their temples, hence the name Headband OG.


Headband OG has fairly high THC levels. The THC content shoots up to 24%, which is quite evident by its strength. Not to scare the potential users, but this strong strain will be effective in combating the high levels of stress one may be facing. On top of the strong hit, the effects of Headband OG are definitely long lasting as patients have claimed to feel the effects after hours of its use. Therefore, it is the right choice when battling stress. Anyone searching for a stimulating body high and sense of euphoria should look no further than the Headband OG strain.



Originally named Diesel #1 when made on the East Coast by a breeder known as Weasel, it was nicknamed Underdog, and Daywrecker Diesel, before making its way to California to be renamed Headband by a breeder called Loompa. As might be expected of a strain with such high THC, Headband OG flowers are covered in silvery-white trichomes and are sticky to the touch — this is one strain that proves difficult to breakup for joints or pipes without using a grinder. The initial smell of the cured flower is tangy and lemony. Underneath these dominant scents is a faint skunkiness, along with some notes of pine. The mix of fuel, skunk, spice, bitter citrus, and rubber retains its pungency until it settles a bit, when the aroma changes to more of a soft, slightly sweet presence. Unlike some other indicas — particularly OGs — Headband produces smoke that is thick but surprisingly smooth.


Headband OG induces a spacey, foggy state that makes it poorly suited to tasks that require focus and mental acuity. In addition to this fogginess, Headband OG gives users a physically weighty feeling that spreads down through the spine and radiates out to the limbs, comfortably locking them into supine position. This sense of intense couchlock makes Headband OG ideal for passive activities in comfortable surroundings, like watching movies, enjoying nature, or listening to music. The Headband OG strain is best consumed at night or before bed due to its astounding effects. I found Headband OG to be helpful in managing minor pain relief without the physical fatigue typically associated with most heavy indica strain varieties. Having said that, Headband OG is still a super potent hybrid, so it would not be wise to medicate with this before work or something that needs your full, undivided attention. This is a great strain for tackling anxiety, insomnia, depression, PTSD, ADD and ADHD.


You can find Headband OG at almost any dispensary or local delivery service. Even if it is available throughout the world, Headband OG is by far the most popular in California and across the West Coast, where a mass majority of individuals adore this hefty and potent marijuana strain. Because of its convenience to obtain, this marijuana strain is one that many refer to as a “standby” cannabis type, particularly because it is a suitable and delicious backup if you just can’t seem to find any other marijuana of interest. Give it a try. It’s sure to surprise even the most seasoned cannabis users.

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