I’ve been lucky to know some great growers in the Pacific Northwest that are always coming through with unique strains. Recently, I was given the opportunity to sample a new one I had never even heard about in the Purple Unicorn. To give you a little background, The Purple Unicorn is an indica dominant hybrid that combines Chemdawg with Blackberry Widow and supposedly is a local strain bred in Oregon.

At first glance, the Purple Unicorn were beautiful looking nuggets that shined in the light thanks to their heavy coating of amber trichomes. The buds were a perfect size and manicured to perfection. Purple with pinkish orange hairs and a nice lime green hue, these nugs had bag appeal for days. Once I opened the sack, I was hit with a dominant diesel aroma with a nice hint of berries. I wouldn’t call the berry smell straight blackberry but more of a mix between cherries and blueberries which I absolutely enjoyed. It actually reminded me of the Grand Daddy Purple which I am a huge fan of, so I was very excited to taste it.

I decided to load her into my Mobius bubbler and upon breaking the nug up I could smell much more of the berry and earth tones which were pleasant, to say the least. Upon inhale I was hit with a smooth carnival of flavors that left me tasting straight gas with a lingering of what I would call mixed berries. The high was prevalent and after the first snapper, I was already feeling good behind my eyes. After a second rip, I was hammered from head to toe. This is a solid high that I found to be nice and strong and not for the beginner. As for pain relief, this puppy did the trick. My back and neck pain that I suffer from was almost non-existent and the stone lasted for a good 2 hours which is almost unheard of with my tolerance level.

At the end of the day, I found the Purple Unicorn to be a wonderful strain and in terms of pungency and aroma as I enjoyed her flavors immensely and had to give her a 9.2 in terms of the overall taste. As for potency, the Purple Unicorn was heavy duty and just the way I like it. Super stony but not so heavy I couldn’t maintain composure. Overall this is a wonderful strain that I definitely recommend for those looking for a strong medicinal high.

Purple Unicorn nug

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