Since moving to the Pacific Northwest over 10 years ago I’ve seen some interesting strains. From the 501st OG, named after the Stormtroopers from Star Wars, to the Timbers Kush named after our local soccer team, there have been many Oregon and Washington State-based strains I’ve had the luxury of tasting. Recently a new strain has been getting rave reviews across the Pacific Northwest and it goes by the name of Oregon Lemons so I decided to give it a whirl. From what I’ve found, the Oregon Lemons is a 50/50 Hybrid strain that crosses the Classic Lemon Diesel with the Face Off OG Kush.

At first glance, the Oregon Lemons were perfectly trimmed buds that had a deep green color and were completely crystal coated. They reminded me a lot of Dutch Treat with the size and look of the nugs. Once the jar was opened I was met with a strong gas scent with a heavy citrus back. I could easily tell where it got the name Oregon Lemons. I decided to roll her up in a joint and upon breaking her up the lemon smell was that of a strong cleaner type of terpene, almost like lemon pledge. The diesel notes where heavy and filled the room with a gassy funk that I absolutely adored.

Once lit, the smell of skunk and lemon was everywhere. Upon first taste, my palette was covered with citrus and diesel notes that just kept on going. The aroma also had a tiny bit of a haze in it that really brought everything together to create a unique lemony taste I have never experienced. It was a sweet lemon candy flavor along with a deep skunk taste that had me wanting more, so I took a second hit and this time it had me choking. Instantly, my lungs were coated in a heavy resin that had me feeling the stone from head to toe and tasting it well after exhale. I literally had to sit down as I started sweating on my forehead. Trust me friends, this strain is not for the weak as it put me down and was definitely some couch-lock dank. From what I recall the cottonmouth hit me about 10 minutes in and gave me some heavy duty munchies so I ordered some Chipotle from Postmates. From there, it became a bit hazy as I awoke to a half-eaten burrito and the sound of Judge Judy on the television. In one word I would describe this high as ripped. Overall the Oregon Lemons gave me more of an Indica sized stone. I notice this occasionally with hybrids but the Lemons were heavier than normal. I would 100% recommend this strain for insomnia as well as pain relief as she had me feeling good all evening.

Overall this was an amazing strain that had the best of both worlds. In terms of aroma and pungency, she had it all and I had to give her a score of 9.5 based on the deep flavors of lemon and skunk. As for pungency, this was one of the strongest strains I’ve sampled in a while and left me beyond baked so I gave it a 9.7. Again, I would not recommend this for the rookies or you might find yourself doing some babysitting.


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