Cannabis enthusiasts already know all the wonderful potential this plant has for mental healing. Veterans, assault victims, clinically depressed… so many groups advocate for the further research of medical marijuana as a way to bring peace to the mind. In my recent personal search for holistic approaches to mental wellness, I’ve been re-acquainting myself with meditation. Whether used in tandem with cannabis, or on its own, I feel every weed user can appreciate knowing where to delve into the practice of meditation.

Some of these apps eventually require a subscription beyond their free content, but there are so many well designed apps, and limitless sites, that you can learn about many methods of meditation without paying for one. However, think of your mental health- as an alternative to cannabis, $60 a year for an extremely beneficial service, instead of a designer eighth. With the right indica for relaxation, or sativa for mental clarity, cannabis enthusiasts should be proponents of opening your phone with the purpose of helping oneself understand how to control your mind. is dedicated to mindfulness, the most basic and important proponent of meditation. Their simple, 5 minute beginner meditation can train you to tune into your breath, and features detailed instruction on how to best enter the meditative state.

Insight Timer offers courses from a massive library of teachers for $5 per 10 day course, which means you can tailor the information and guided lessons to your preferred style. Once you know enough, there is a simple timer feature with bells or relaxing ambient sound.

Calm offers some excellent basics on mindfulness and introductory meditations, and the full subscription of $60 a year, provides its full library of themed meditations on happiness, focus, etc. The best feature of this app is the calming ‘sleep stories’ section that soothes for bedtime.

Waking Up with Sam Harris is a great app for skeptics. Harris takes a scientific, even-minded approach to presence and mental health, without delving too deeply into spirituality. The $10 monthly version has Sam offering techniques on improving the capabilities of reasoning or experiencing peace. You really feel in the hands of a good teacher with this app.

Sanity & Self is designed for women by women. Tailored topics include personal growth, relationship and breakup stress, intimacy and sex, anxiety, and yoga fitness. For $10 a month, or $60 annually, there are topics introduced here not available on many typical meditation apps, definitely worth checking out.

Aura offers not just standard meditation practices and advice, but also a more philosophical, spiritual life coaching aspect that some people, stoners especially, may find particularly motivational. Called the Best of 2017 for meditation apps by Apple, these popular, positivity focussed, quick sessions might be just the thing to snap you out of a downward spiral.

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