It’s getting warmer, and depending on where you’re located, it may be becoming increasingly obvious that spring—and eventually summer!—aren’t far off. Sunshine and getting stoned go hand in hand (after all, when’s the last time you saw a stoner movie situated in the midst of a blizzard or imagined getting high with your friends in a torrential downpour?), so it’s no surprise that many cannabis connoisseurs are gearing up for a season of festivals, conventions, and other gatherings. If you’re looking to build in some fun and even educational time into your spring calendar, consider adding one of the myriad cannabis-related events to your agenda! Here are a few favorite stalwarts and awesome newcomers:

High Times Cannabis Cup (various locations)
Perhaps you’ve heard of this stalwart event? Hosted in various locations across the world, the High Times Cannabis Cup is the event to end all weed-themed events. This pot-themed trade show includes exhibitions by up-and-coming companies and old-timers alike, celebrity appearances and concerts, and, of course, product competitions that offer the hopes of gleaning the most coveted crown in the world of weed.
National Cannabis Festival (Washington, D.C.)
The US capital recently relaxed its marijuana laws, which only adds to the jovial energy at this longstanding event. The festival follows an advocacy summit on 4/19, meaning that political efforts to end prohibition are a big part of these 4/20 happenings, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be time for fun and games: NCF encourages you to bring your yoga mats, collapsible tents, picnic blankets, and musical instruments along.
Cannabis Science Conference East (Baltimore, MD)
Who says science can’t be fun? Many of us proudly nerd out over our knowledge of the workings of weed-related molecules, growing techniques, and other niche interests; why not do so in good company? This year’s East Coast Cannabis Science Conference (April 8-10) will be hosted Baltimore, MD, and will include an impressive roster of research scientists, testing labs, and industry experts, plus plenty of time for socializing with new peers and, uh, buds (#punny).
CannaBiz Expo (Sacramento, CA)
The second annual CannaBiz expo, slated to take place in May, draws thousands to the heartland of the US-based cannabis industry. Vendors, industry big-shots, and impressive startups abound. If you’re looking to break into any of the myriad coveted roles in the industry, this event is not to be missed.
CBD Expo (Seattle, WA)
Why should THC have all the fun? Those who use CBD know of its abilities to ease endless ailments, from the side effects of chemotherapy to anxiety to bodily pain. Hosted by CBD Health and Wellness Magazine, this event (June 28-29) is the perfect opportunity to get the nitty-gritty on how CBD is manufactured, sold, and used.
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