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When I smoke weed, my sense are enhanced, like most other people. I start to think more intricately and notice things differently. This includes my ability to look at and taste things. Taste in particular is affected. Think about all the gross stoner food that’s made by people who don’t truly value the experience of smoking weed. (I apologize if this offends any one but it’s gross and I won’t even get into it.)

Anyway, the point is that marijuana enhances your senses. And when we’re given a gift like that, shouldn’t we be using it to elevate our senses? Being stoned will make any experience better, including consuming foods and beverages. Since this is the case, I thought that being stoned would be good time to try consuming healthy foods. I’ve gone through diets, cleanses, etc. before, but my eating style has tended to fluctuate.  So, in order to encourage myself to eat more healthily, I’ve decided to ensure that I’m eating healthy food when I get the munchies, because dang blueberries taste really good with a little bit of sea salt and olive oil on a bed of power greens with a raw juice. They just do. And, your body feels good afterwards.

Ok, so..


Food one. Blueberries.

These things are high in antioxidants and very good for you. They’re considered to be a superfood and with good reason, considering the amount of nutrients packed into those little berries. They’ll help protect your body against the most signs of aging and will contribute to protecting your body from cancer. The nutrients in blueberries also protect against DNA damage. They’ll lower blood pressure as well and  help protect against heart disease. If you exercise a lot, they’ll help speed up your recovery. They also improve memory and brain function.

Food two. Avocados.

Avocados are nature’s answer to butter. They’re green and packed with heart-healthy fat, and satisfying on toast with a bit of salt. The fat content in avocados will help your body absorb nutrients from any other plant foods you consume. Although they’re technically a fruit, they’re unusual in that they’re not sweet, although they make a great banana pudding, even though they have more potassium than bananas. I started getting into eating avocados through two foods; sushi and guacamole.

Food three. Almonds.

I’m not actually a huge fan of almonds most of the time, but they’re good to snack on and when they’re flavored correctly, they’re delicious. I like to make them by searing them in lemon juice and topping with a little sea salt. But there are lots of ways to incorporate them into your diet. The reasons you’ll want to do this include the following; tons of vitamin E (good for skin, eyes, cancer prevention, etc.), antioxidants( same + improving heart health), magnesium (bone density, pms, diabetes, migraines,etc.), among others.

Food Four. Olive Oil.

Any way you can incorporate this girl into your meals, do it. When I eat clean, I find that I have a hard time maintaining my energy levels, because my body is used to being nourished by protein and carbohydrates. To make up for this, I find that consuming healthy fat helps tremendously. Benefits of this food include heart health, weight regulation, mood regulation, lower chance of diabetes and breast cancer for women.

Food Five. Dark Chocolate.

The one food on this list that could potentially be regarded as a treat as well as being very healthy for you. Anything with dark chocolate percentage of 70-85% will have ridiculous amounts of nutrients. It will also lower blood pressure and reduce insulin resistance. It also protects against skin damage, so if you’re going on vacation, you might consider having some in the weeks before you go, as well as remembering to bring along sunblock.


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