July 23 – August 22

As the lion of the Zodiac, Leo, you’re a proud leader. The first impression you give off is one of regality, and confidence. As a fire sign of the sun, Summer, and warmth, people orbit around you and look to you for joy. You probably have a large circle of friends, or at least a circle that loves you deeply and appreciate their relationship with you. Leo, you love admiration and feel brightest when complimented.Your extroverted nature draws the other signs in, and you’re happy to be frequently be one of the more charismatic forces in the room.

Lions, like the big cats they are, love luxury. Leos are known for their desire of material niceties, and are usually ambitious enough to secure a job that allows that to live accordingly, and you’ll likely enter in a position of management or leadership. Your dislike of being told what to do, but dislike of being without a crew, will have you pushing to be at the top. You’re known for being brave and protective, not just a generous, fun soul, but one who takes care of their own, Leo.

You also have a reputation for being more than a little full of yourself, often believing only you are right, and not able to see or admit when you’re not. You love to control a situation, and are stubborn to come around to others’ perspective at times. Make sure to check your ego when you can, Leo, it may be helpful. It sucks when your ego has driven your relationships away from you, and that is the last thing you want. Criticism must be delivered to you carefully, or insecurities can become larger than they actually are. If you can move past your pride, your role as leader will be better accepted.

For the fierce lion, the method of cannabis consumption should be one that controls and dilutes that ego of yours, which is so strong. Some strains of cannabis can even reassure that ego, and give more weight to you having the only true perspective. Skunk Number One is an early-origin hybrid, created in the 70s, known for its strong skunky smell. Don’t let that excite you too hard, Leo, SNU will have you snoozing if you smoke a little too much. It is a calming strain, popular for patients looking to sooth aggressive tendencies. A gentle hybrid will tame the lion enough to let that magnetic personality draw friends in without shutting them down. If you’re an expert with your hands, Leo, you would probably prefer to roll a blunt for the group than let someone else mess it up, but a professionally rolled and packaged thick blunt or long joint from a highly-reputed dispensary will get the job done, after you’ve asked the budtender lots of questions to ensure quality. Of course you need something to share, so make sure there’s enough to go around. A lion like you always looks out for the pack.

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