June 21 – July 22

Cancer, or as I like to call you, Stabby Crabby, holds on tightly to those you love and need considerable effort exerted upon you to loosen those claws. You also move sideways through life, rather than taking a face-forward approach. The water signs all embody a certain sensitivity that can be a benefit and detriment to your personal life. Yes, Cancer, you understand how others around you feel, but you also can tend to put your desire for love and attention before others. Not unlike a hermit crab, you value your home and security deeply, Cancer. You love to feel comfy cozy at home, and have difficulty functioning if your home base in disarray. The other signs love coming over to your nest!

To protect the soft sensibilities, you like to keep your walls up and armor strong, and you want to make sure that you won’t be hurt if you become vulnerable, a respectable trait. You feel love unconditionally for those you seek attention from, and you’re a natural healer and nurturer. Cancer, your friends value their relationship to you deeply because of this!

These characteristics also bring out some clinginess when you feel abandoned, which can be a feeling only existing in your head. You are a rarity for actively going to those in grief to extend your security in trying times.

Unfortunately, you’re also one of the more passive aggressive signs, truly unhappy when forced into confrontation, but like your sign-sake, you will defend yourself passionately and fiercely when pushed. A pinch from you, Cancer, does not feel good. You can hold on too tightly when it’s time to let go- you can forgive, but you’ll be damned if you forget an instance where you were wronged.

For my feeling, hard-shelled Crab, I recommend a method of getting high best done in the comfort of your abode, something that can be enjoyed with your beloved bestie or significant other. A water pipe in general may be a little too powerful for my sensitive water signs, ironically, but for Cancer, I think a large one-hit rip off of a big, beautiful water piece kept at home is the trick for you. The quick effects can pull you out of you bad/sad mood as fast as you entered it, and can also loosen up your armor while numbing the softness underneath. Water pipes also provide a smoother hit, for the crab who hates to be made uncomfortable.

An excellent flower strain to load your bong with is Sour Tangie. It won’t hit you hard like Tangie, and won’t give you ultrafocus like Sour Diesel (not a bad idea when you can fixate on problems bothering you). Keeping in mind the comfort you look for, Cancer, Sour Tangie is predictable after your first hit, and won’t send you spiraling into an abyss of clinginess and self doubt. It’s a favorite for psychiatric disorders, and minor pain relief while maintaining function. Cancer, for you, cannabis should be all about creating the stable feeling that puts you most at ease.

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