Every month, every day even, should be lived with the betterment of women’s lives in mind. Until that day comes, in honor of Women’s History Month… and supporting badass female musicians who love weed, here’s a chill musical playlist for your next smoke sesh.

SZA is such a delight, and I am so pleased to be able to say that I can confirm her love of the green through multiple performances, including Coachella 2018 where she proudly announced “I love weed and I love cheese!” And honestly? Same. We stan an icon!


Ri has never been shy on social media about being seen with weed, and even featuring some suggested high smoke in multiple videos and images. She rocked the pot leaf, back when we were un-ironically wearing loud prints with our recreations of choice. And lest we forget the glorious photo of Rihanna rolling a blunt on her security guard’s head, while perched on his shoulders.


In the Netflix cartoon, Big Mouth, the female personification of puberty perfectly encapsulates what it is to become a young woman growing up in the 2010s, including calling your mom by her first name, throwing yourself on the bed, and listening to Lana at high volumes. Lana Del Rey is perfect beach cruising, vista parking, joint rolling music, and all her lyrical references to getting high only endear her to us further.


Kehlani is (nearly) a young mom, who has no issue sharing her relatable, troublesome youth with her fans. Not only has she spoken out on Twitter about the potential dangers of synthetic cannabis, but also divulged about selling dime bags in Hot Topic. Ah, the early 2000s, what a time to be a bad girl. She also has spoken about stepping back from vices when she needed to, and we love and respect a woman who knows her limits.


One of the most interesting little peaks behind the curtain of SNL is the story Snoop Dogg tells of Tupac showing up with his lady friend, Madonna, and a big bag of weed. Pretty classic stuff. She has also spoken in concert about her appreciation for getting high, and has been a supportive mom in the face of her teen son’s cannabis-possession arrest.


Like many of the women on this playlist, Miley has had her on-again off-again relationship with cannabis, teetering on alarming to parents of her Disney fans, then stepping back, then gently stepping back in. In Miley’s hey-day of the Bangerz tour, her social media was abound with celebrations designed around smoking weed, not to mention that pot-leaf onesie with the high hips. She decided she needed to take a break from smoking so much while making considerably more relaxed music, but from recent posts appears to have taken weed back up. No matter her breaks, Miley’s music works for the multitudes of getting high- whether you’re partying hard or hanging out with friends and pups.


Lady Gaga has never been shy about admitting to the creative flow that cannabis can assist with, as well as the pain management for her fibromyalgia. Her Netflix documentary even paints a fantastic picture of the multi-faceted artist with quite a few joints hanging out of her mouth in front of Beyonce, giving B some cause for concern. Gaga has admitted her use of cannabis has become addictive at times, and she needed to control it, but is back to responsible use for her pain.


Jhene Aiko is an up and coming R&B singer with such a smooth, sweet voice, who is not at all shy about her favorite strains and experience with cannabis. Jhene has explained that while she does love cannabis, she’s not a wake and bake gal anymore, and wants to exercise a little more responsibility as she gets older. She now smokes for her scoliosis and on occasion, but doesn’t limit herself to only indica as she once did. Evidenced by the banger, Sativa, with Rae Sremmurd.


Yolandi Visser is one half of the insane South African hip-hop duo Die Antwoord, and if you listen to their extremely fast paced lyrics, you’ll know they love their cannabis. You’ll also know they love their cannabis from their American line of marijuana products, Zef Zol. I personally love a girl who can admit that maybe she was hanging out with a not-so-great dude because he had fire weed, and although they’re clearly more business-minded about it now, Yolandi will always be the cookie to me.


Amy Winehouse struggled with substances of all kinds, most notably alcohol and hard drugs. She teases the boyfriend in Addicted for smoking all her weed though, and that’s an issue that I think more than a few of us girls can relate to. We wish that Amy might have leaned a harder on cannabis instead of her addiction to the caustic substance that killed her, but it’s never a bad mood to hit a bowl with Amy serenading in the background.


Doja Cat is one of the most original hip-hop/R&B artists out there right now. She uses humor and her personality in a way that similar singers can only attempt to manufacture and come off as thirsty for attention. Doja Cat clearly has the silliness in her heart that many cannabis users display, and she creates music that still surprises society to hear coming from a woman- smoking weed, enjoying cunnilingus, and of course- cows.


Stevie Nicks has had her fair share of addiction problems, and it’s been no secret to fans of Fleetwood Mac how big of a struggle it was for her to finally say goodbye to cocaine. That said, she has been transparent about sparking up a joint to shake some inspiration loose. Stevie has been around the block, many a time, enough to know the difference between relying on a gram of coke in her boot and a joint on her piano, decades later. Respect.


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