September 23 to October 22

Libra, you are represented by the scales in the Zodiac, careful to balance your life as best you can. Being the child of a Libra, I have seen firsthand your desire to weigh every option with the goal in mind of the most ideal outcome. The other signs should respect your careful, meted approach to decision making, as it will likely give all parties involved the best result.

Like the lady of justice who holds your namesake, you’re known to be diplomatic and actively want to correct inequalities that you witness. This can have the effect of others perceiving you to be manipulative in the pursuit of avoiding confrontation, but this is not a selfish act, you do it because above everything you desire harmony.

You biggest source of unhappiness comes from treatment you perceive as unfair, and you will absolutely fight to regain fair treatment. Another method you inject happiness into your life, Libra, is through exercise. You feel at such calm and ease when turning off your brain, and putting all of your concentration into physical strength or agility. It can be a form of meditation for you, Libra, which is a practice deeply appealing to you. When in a meditative space, you feel you make the best decisions and are able to think without distraction. Libras’ advice is usually top notch, thanks to strong moral compass. You’re beloved for your charm, sense of harmony, generally laid back nature. In your never ending journey for balance and harmony, you are one of the signs that takes care of themselves, and looking well presented to the other zodiac. Even with these tenets of self preservation in mind, you will still sacrifice your own wants for what you believe is the greater good. Yet, your family and friends can also bear the brunt of your sacrifice, Libra!

You can take your sweet time and be precious with decisions that require fast action, and can also be convinced of imbalances that may not be accurate, as your generous nature gives way. People who only want to experience harmony will often use passive aggression to make their qualms known, only this doesn’t others you’re upset. You often expect them to figure it out and work to right the wrong, but sometimes it helps if you just come out with the problem, Libra. This bottled up turmoil can sometimes explode when the pressure becomes too great. You don’t want others to read your careful behavior as a weakness, so be aware of timeliness when your mind needs to be made up.

The best strain for the scales to smoke that I would prescribe would be something that can increase your confidence, so you can get out of that ever so thoughtful head of yours. Sativas are popular for treatment of depression and mood disorders, with a healthy helping of socialization and happiness. Double Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that provides a soothing, yet invigorating head high, not unlike a minty nasal spray to clear the sinuses of your brain. A high like this is good for the philosophical smoker that doesn’t want to be stoned off their ass into another dimension. You’ll function well, but get the euphoria that will bring you closer to that state of inner peace. To not let the weight of all those decisions bear down upon you, open them up to your circle in a casual smoke sesh. You’re not the only person who wishes for better harmony in the world, Libra. Take some of the pressure off of yourself by enjoying Double Dream by rolling it up in a tight, well lined joint. The aesthetics, simplicity, and shareability of a joint makes it a method well suited for a spirit seeking unity.

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