Three Kings is a heavy-hitter when it comes to indica dominant cannabis strains. I did a shoot with Burning Trees Media over the weekend for a campaign they’re launching with a new company called In Home Harvest. In Home Harvest is dedicated to teaching consumers how to grow medical marijuana at home since its legal in California. I was gifted with a sample of a cannabis strain called Three Kings. Three Kings is an indica so I was very excited to give it a try and see how it affected me.


It smells intensely of citrus and mango, with hints of cedar and pine. The nugs are a vibrant, frosty green with fiery orange hairs. They’re also covered in kief. I would definitely recommend using a grinder with this bud so you can save the kief for a later date or baked goods. Three Kings breaks up very nicely. It’s not sticky and not too dense. The flower itself is soft and fluffy. I could tell this flower was grown with the utmost standards. Oftentimes bud can feel and appear very dry, but this wasn’t the case with Three Kings.



I have a tendency to overmedicate with certain strains and decided to take it slow with Three Kings. You don’t always know how a new strain will affect you, so better safe than sorry. I used about 0.5 gram in the blunt. Nothing monumental but enough to feel an effect. It was a smooth smoke and not very harsh. The taste was mellow. I overall really enjoyed the Three Kings cannabis strain and the accompanying smoking experience.



The resulting high was kind of heavy but somewhat perfect for my tolerance level. I was super stoked that l made the initial decision to only use 0.5 gram. Three Kings really packs a punch. The effects are super calming with a very sound mind and body. There was an almost carefree sense of clarity within me. I wasn’t anxious, which was unusual for me. I was able to carry out productive tasks with great urgency and motivation. I cleaned my room, put up my clothes, vacuumed, put the dishes away, all while monitoring the shopping of groceries I ordered on Instacart an hour before I smoked. Indicas have the tendency to make me feel sleepy or just very relaxed in general. This newfound burst of energy after using the Three Kings Strain was exhilarating and well received, although not very long lasting.

The effects of the Three Kings strain lasted about 3-4 hours. I slept for 5 hours after the effects wore off and woke up at midnight, realizing I’d fallen asleep without noticing. This strain is great for stimulating appetite, insomnia, and promoting calm and a balanced homeostasis. Be sure to stay hydrated as this strain does cause some dry mouth. I didn’t notice any other cons with the Three Kings cannabis strain other than the major cotton mouth. This isn’t a huge deal breaker for me as many other strains cause cotton mouth as well.


Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with the Three Kings strain from In Home Harvest. For more information on what they do and their premium flower, check out Special thanks to Trisha & Chris of Burning Trees Media for the opportunity and the quality flower!

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