The HellsBells OG strain is another heavy-hitter among the OG strains. If Green Dragon OG is little bro, HellsBells OG is big bro. This strain was another spot-on purchase from LA Green Run delivery service! The name was enticing enough to draw me in. The rest was all up to how HellsBells performed. It definitely did not disappoint.



Similar to my process with Green Dragon OG, I first tried HellsBells in a blunt without any additions. A friend and I shared it and within twenty minutes of the first one, rolled a second that was twice as big. The dosage was a bit too much for me. I found myself feeling a little nauseous by the end of the night.

I ended up medicating more with a friend about 30 minutes into starting my weekend. In hindsight it wasn’t the smartest idea because the next hour and a half found me nursing myself back to equilibrium with a large bottle of water and a sleepless nap under a warm blanket. With that said, it’s particularly easy to overmedicate with HellsBells OG due to its potency. I would recommend a strain with this type of strength for those who suffer with chronic pain issues. I enjoyed the strength but would dial down the dosage next time around. One of my most well received affects of the HellsBells OG strain was how talkative I was after smoking. I deal with social anxiety at times and can find myself at a loss for words in conversation with new people. I didn’t have this issue when using HellsBells. In fact, I couldn’t shut up for a while. Even when my friends dissipated, I found myself on the phone cackling with my sister over jokes that probably weren’t that funny had I not smoked.



HellsBells OG is dense, dank, and leafy. The nugs are almost effortless to break up with the hands while still having substance. The flower isn’t too dry and not sticky at all. The nugs are satisfyingly consistent in size with much more of a bud to stem ratio. They’re also covered in a light dusting of kief. The scent is bright and earthy with a hints of sage. It’s definitely not subtle, so I wouldn’t recommend this if you have a need to be discreet with your medicine.

HellsBells ranges in THC level from 19-21%. HellsBells is a combination of Strawberry Sour Diesel and Kuchi. Kuchi comes from the combination of OG Kush and Cheese. This 70% indica dominant strain was named after the infamous ACDC song of the same name.



HellsBells OG is great for a wake and bake session on the weekend. I found it to be a very focusing and calming way to start the day when used in conjunction with mindful intention setting. I like this strain because it requires a lot less to feel the desired effects, and, in turn, lasts longer. It’s great for stimulating the appetite, good for minor pain management, awesome for anxiety or stress, produces a calming effect, and promotes good concentration. HellsBells is a great mood lifter and I’ll definitely visit this strain again in the future.  

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